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  1. This may be helpful to others. I recently began experiencing weird starting problems. The engine would turn over, but sometimes only very slowly, as if I had a flat battery. It would start but sounded very laboured whilst trying to start. Once the car had been started it would start fine for the rest of the day. I checked the battery voltage at 12.4 volts and the voltage whilst charging was around 14 volts. On reading the battery date code of 2012 I decided to change it anyway because the problem with it losing charge seemed to be getting worse as the days went by. A couple of days later the same problem started to occur. Then one morning, went to start the car and the battery was completely dead! The garage I took it to diagnosed shorting windings in the starter motor drawing the battery, BUT they said that the problem had been caused by a leaky gasket in the cooling system. Apparently there is a thermostat housing (?) directly above the starter motor, where if the gaskets give up it will drip on to the starter and cause the problem.
  2. I certainly don't recommend this but I regularly, almost daily, see an older BMW 3 series that has had a space saver on the front offside wheel since before Christmas! 🤔
  3. Success!! I tried using the radio/clock to change the year as opposed to the scroll thingy on the indicator stalk and was able to scroll straight through to 2019 without having to do any of the other stuff! How odd! So all sorted! Thanks to everyone for the comments and advice. Its very much appreciated.
  4. No, I’ve been doing it all with the scrolling wheel. Another thing to try! Thank you.
  5. Thank you. I think I’ve been doing the first scenario not the second, but I will try again later to make sure in case I’m making a twit of myself!
  6. ps. I'm off to work now so won't be able to respond until later today...
  7. Well, I finally got a chance to try the kind advice above yesterday. I'm afraid I still can't get it past 2013! I Set the clock as advised to 23.59 on 31/12/2013, wait for it to click over to 00.01 on 01/01/2014, but then as soon as I try to increment the year it flips back to 2003? (I even tried verbal abuse and percussive maintenance!!) 😂 I've tried that sequence with the clock in both 12 and 24 hour mode. Grrrrr!
  8. Brilliant!!! Thank you so much! First world problems I know but it's been driving me crazy! 😂 Many thanks Stoney!
  9. I'm hoping someone can help a newbie please? My clock was a few minutes slow so I decided to adjust it using the steering column stalk and the menu in the instrument cowl. However, now I can't get it to go past the year 2013! I scroll through and get to 2013 then increment up and the year returns to 2003 and goes through the same sequence over and over! I'm sure it was on 2019 when I started. 😳 What could I have done please? Thanks in advance