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  1. Its the loch lomond one as stated in earlier post lol ....do yous sassanachs actually read everything ? Lol
  2. Im only 65 miles away lol the same balloch your thinking about .....cheers pete
  3. Thanks pete for all your help .....im in balloch ....loch lomond so im quite a bit away from perth .....in saying that it takes me about 30mins on my gsxr 750 k6
  4. Thanks for all replys guys .........i thought i smelled a rat somewhere ....i had the car booked in for diagnostics but after all the help from here i promptly cancelled ....since they reset the engine management light ive done 300 miles and touch wood it hasnt came back on ......
  5. Was told it might require an eolys refill .....does this change your mind ?
  6. So the word eolys means nothing to you ?
  7. Can someone please tell me if my mondeo requires a dpf additive ? Its a mk5 2015 2.0 tdci automatic gearbox
  8. As far as i know if the car is running while you change the battery you wont need a code
  9. Hi folks.....today my engine management light came on ....i took it to my ford garage and they told me it was a dpf additive error code and reset my engine light and told me to book my car in for diagnostics.....can someone please tell me what to expect please ....2015 ford mondeo 50000 miles on clock