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  1. Hi all, thanks for all your replies. Managed to get it jump started today and it's been running fine since. Still going to take it to the garage and get a new battery though as I've not even had it a month! Cheers Adam
  2. They look fine- don't feel cheap. I'll upload a video on YouTube with what's happening I think.
  3. Just tried jump starting it. Nothing at all changed. Will let the booster car run for a bit longer later on.
  4. Thanks guys. Luckily someone at work has got some jump leads so I'll give it a go tonight or tomorrow. Still going to take it to the garage and replace the battery in it (if that is the issue) Thanks for your replies and reassurences.
  5. Is that really all? Even though everything else electronic works? (I'm almost useless with cars)
  6. Hi all I purchased a 2009 Fiesta just over 3 weeks ago. The last few days it's been taking a little while to start (from turning the ignition) so thought I'd test that a bit more tonight- I repeatedly turned the car on and off and then it just stopped turning on. Now when trying to turn on, the dashboard lights flicker, the wipers start and a rather loud, rapid clicking sound comes from the engine. Radio works fine as does the lights. I do have a warranty with the garage but will cost me a bit to get back over there. Just wanted people's thoughts and if they've had any similar problems. Cheers
  7. Hi all I'm looking to buy a 2002 Fiesta. To me it looks quite a good deal, £690, MOT to Nov, 68000 miles. Drove it at the weekend and it went well apart from the issue the owner pointed out- it needs a new front passenger side drive shaft. The seller has replaced it before with a used one but it needs replacing again, and this time he has bought a brand new one, which he plans on doing himself. My question is- should I risk it? Garage has quoted me £40 for the labour to place the drive shaft. I've done a HPI check and it's never been written off, literally never had anything wrong with it apart from this. Was serviced at the end of last year and had an oil change and new tyres. Any advice or suggestions would be most welcome Thanks