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  1. Sorry to bump old post but what brake fluid did you use?
  2. Did you ever get around to doing this?
  3. Hi Guys, Can anyone circle where it is safe to jack my focus up and put axle stands on the front end? I have saw the diagram posted on other posts but was wondering if someone could circle it on the real life picture below?
  4. Oh I see, so the bleed valve for the clutch is on the side of the gearbox?
  5. Hi Guys, Im wondering if you guys could help, (newbie here) I am just about to attempt to bleed my brake fluid but I read that I should also bleed the clutch as well? I can't find the slave cylinder to find the bleed valve, would you guys be able help me locate it 😅
  6. Hi there, Sorry for bumping an old thread but does anyone have this guide as the one linked does not seem to be working and I cannot figure out how to remove my damn grille 😔