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  1. Awesome, thank you for clearing my confusion up ☺. I see what you mean about the reverse power, where would you say is the best ignition live to splice into on the rear?
  2. I have made a quick diagram of how I understand it to be connected, please could someone confirm if this is correct? @shiwarrior @Lenny @
  3. @shiwarrior This is my understanding of it in the attached image:And then the Cameras power also connects to the reverse light positive and connects to reverse light ground. So essentially there will be two red wires connected to the reverse light positive wire. Please could someone confirm if this is correct?
  4. @shiwarrior Yes I have two red wires either end of the yellow RCA cable. Thank you for clearing that up, I wonder what each end connects to then? Also did you connect the cameras positive and ground to the reverse light positive and ground wires?
  5. Hi Lenny, Sorry to bother you but I saw your reverse camera guide and was hoping for your help. Could you see if the below idea is correct for the reverse camera connections? RCA cable red wire: - the red wire on one end connects to the reverse light positive. The red wire on the other connects to the head unit. Camera power cable: - Connects to reverse light positive and ground cables.
  6. Does anyone know why the OP had to wire directly behind the reverse light? And not the wires in the boot?
  7. Awesome thanks for the guidance 🙂
  8. Just done a full service on a 2008 Ford Focus but where is the fuel filter? I read that it is one of those lifetime ones but where is it located? Can it be replaced easily?
  9. Great thanks buddy, appreciate the help 🙂
  10. Ah kool, just wondering if you knew. I am using a piggyback fuse in a slot which originally had a 15 amp fuse in there. I have put the 15 amp fuse back into the lowest slot and a 2 amp fuse in the highest slot of the piggyback fuse for my aerial amplifier. Is it okay to use two different fuse rating in the piggey back? Sorry if this seems obvious I am jsut learning it all 😂
  11. Great, can I ask what amp fuse did you use for your dashcam?
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong but if that the one for the ecu ignition supply? Great thank you, do you remember if the rear wiper fuse was F131?
  13. Is that a constant feed or switched?
  14. Hi all, I have an aerial amplifier and I need to connect it to 12v switched power using a piggyback fuse. Can anyone advise which fuse I should use with the piggyback fuse for 12v switched power?
  15. Hi peeps, I have a 2008 Ford focus mk2.5. When I go over a pot hole sometimes it makes like a spinning grinding noise and I can't figure out were it is coming from! It happens both when the clutch is depressed and when it is not. Anyone else ever experience this or could give some advice please??!