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  1. So is it really the case that the stock mic, USB port, bluetooth and DAB module are useless? They won't be usable in any aftermarket head unit you can fit to the Mk2.5? Would be a pity if that's the case. Seems rather wasteful.
  2. Hi all, Having had my ST for just over 4 months, I'm considering some changes. One of these is to the stock stereo unit in the car. The current unit is a Sony CD DAB with bluetooth. Of course, that means the interior is also set up with the needed mics and controls. What I would like to do is switch it out for an Android head unit. Some of them don't have DAB units in them (and charge as an optional extra). Some of them, while they have bluetooth, bundle their own mics. And I haven't read anywhere that any of them can be set up to use the car's built-in USB port. What I would prefer is to swap out the default unit with an Android one, but have it use the built-in cabin mics and USB ports that are already wired into the car (and if the DAB module on the Sony is external to the unit itself, maybe re-use that as well). Has anyone had any experience with this?
  3. Hi all, This is the first time I have ever posted on an owner's forum. So I picked up a Mk2.5 (2011) Focus ST2 back in October 2018 with just over 70k miles on it. So far, very pleased with the car and how it handles (The 5 cyl sounds so much gruntier than a straight 4). It's practically stock performance, though it has had an Airtec Intercooler, what appears to be a Milltek Exhaust and a K&N air filter fitted. Yet to get it on a dyno to see what the numbers actually are. This is my daily driver (ouch on the fuel costs though) and will also be my pet project for a set of planned mods, both interior and performance-wise. I'll try to get some pics up soon.