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  1. Hello there. Approx. 9 months ago l bought my first Ford Fusion. Everything going smoothly. Then sadly, a white film started on the windows of the car. I was told this was due to the airways in the car via the vents. Then about three weeks ago. My management light came on. A friend of mine - an ex management found it stated 338 as a CRANKSHAFT SENSOR fault. This was changed by a Mechanic. Couple of days later, the light came on again and stated the same fault - a garage charged me £90.00 to fix the fault - only 24 hours later, the same fault came up. Again l had to pay £90... But, l have since been told by the garage that just let it go as the car is just a 'runaround' basically he doesn't want to work on it. And another mechanic has said that the CRANKSHAFT DOESNT HAVE A SENSOR. Any ideas, can you please email me - as it is driving me mad. Arthg51@gmail.com Many thanks Arthur