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  1. What make of engine oil and oil filter?

    @TomsFocus Sorry about the lack of CC...yes it is a 1.25 but I did say Zetec in my post so while it was good detective work you missed the bloodstained knife with the butlers fingerprints on it. I think I will do the plugs and yes they are spark plugs and as far as I am aware the Ford dealership didn't remove them although they did the change the brake fluid and they replaced the coolant within the specified time scales, because it was a chargeable item. The reasons I asked about make of oil and filter was because I thought the members that did their own servicing would have a favourite brand, I don't want to go cheap if cheap turns out to be nasty, the last time I changed the oil and filter was in 2008 on a Mondeo and I think I used Duckhams oil and a Champion filter. Sorry again for the lack of info and thanks for replying. Kind regards, James.
  2. Happy Sunday folks, I am about to do an oil and filter change on my 2009 Zetec Fiesta which was previously done by a Ford dealership, but since the dealership have stopped giving the free national breakdown when they do a service and MOT I have decided to do the oil change myself, I do the pollen filter and air filter myself because they are not included in the service and always did my own oil changes and servicing on my previous secondhand cars anyway. The car passed its MOT without any problems or advisory warnings...so I am looking for the best make of oil and filter for a low yearly mileage car below 6000 a year...its only done 37000 since new so I presume its about time for some plugs too. Any help and advice would be appreciated, James.
  3. Ios 5 Fiesta Bluetooth Connection Issues

    Hi There is a post about this type of issue here. Regards James http://www.fordowner...luetooth-audio/
  4. Anyone Changed A Os Rear Fog Unit On A Mk7

    Thanks for the reply Mark...had a go at it today but couldn't find a tab...there was 2 torq self-taping screws holding mine in place, mines a 59 reg, don't know why my handbooks says "The rear fog lamps are not serviceable items, please consult your dealer if these fail" because you can change the bulb without removing the whole of the unit. Anyway for anyone needing to change theirs...there is one screw under the wheel arch just under the inner arch, and the other is on the opposite side of the unit that is very awkward to get at...am going to change the torq screws for something easier to unscrew. Best wishes James.
  5. As per title I need to change the unit got a broken lens (another victim of parking in the supermarket)...according to the owners handbook it is not a serviceable item. If anyone can let me know how it is attached to the bumper and if it's easy to detach then I can decide to order one or let it be changed at the next service which is next year and a good deal of bad weather away. Thanks in advance James
  6. my pics

  7. Any Pictures Of An Actual Mk7 Wheel Jack

    Hi Paul, I got the email and I was able to use it to get a jack from my local scrappy, I hope you don't mind but I have put one of your pics in my gallery...Irononreverse posted that he would like to see what they look like and it might help some other members that want to get themselves a spare wheel, jack, and wheel brace. I can't workout how to upload pics either maybe I haven't got enough posts. Thanks again and kind regards, James.
  8. Any Pictures Of An Actual Mk7 Wheel Jack

    I have a trolley jack in the boot at the moment but the boots aren't that big and I would like to free up some space for other stuff like golf clubs. Best wishes, James.
  9. Any Pictures Of An Actual Mk7 Wheel Jack

    Thanks Paul, I have emailed my mobile number. Many thanks, James.
  10. Any Pictures Of An Actual Mk7 Wheel Jack

    Not sure your right about a jack being a jack, the part that connects to the body of the car differs between models and makes, if you were using the wrong one and it slipped it could do no end of damage to the user or the car. I did price up a Ford jack from a dealership and it was £48, it seemed a bit steep to me but thanks for your reply.
  11. I asked this question on another forum without reply, does anyone here have any pictures? Hi All, As in the title, can some kind member that already owns the correct jack take some pictures of the part of the jack that makes contact with the bodywork of the MK 7 and post them, so I can make sure when I buy one at the scrappy or on fleabay I get the right one. Thanks, James.
  12. Mk7 Fiesta Rear Bumper Removal

    Thanks M8 thats great it's exactly what I was looking for. Kind regards, James.
  13. Hi Folks, I am hoping to put a tow bar on my 1.25 zetec at the weekend, could anyone give me an idea were the clips, bolts, and screws are, also if anyone as any pics it would be helpful. I will be needing to splice in to the wiring at a later date so any info on that would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, James.
  14. Just saying hello.

    Hi All, This is my first post...I have just bought a Fiesta 1.25 zetec, it is the first car I have bought brand new, and so far I am very happy with it and so I should be...it's new. With it being new I have had a dealer service offer, and also a Ford Protect Premium plan, the Ford one is for £430 and cheaper than the dealers price, and it is for the costs of the first 3 services and it extends the first year of Ford Assist (AA relay) to 3 years. It seems a good deal to me any comments and advice from other owners and members would be appreciated. Kind regards, james.