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  1. I've always used PF Jones for my towbars, they're reasonable price wise. PF Jones My advice would be to get a dedicated wiring kit, this will turn off your parking sensors, rear fogs and Blind spot detection if you have it. It would need to be coded in to the car, easily done with an adapter and Forscan. There's plenty of info can be found about this on Google.
  2. If you go in to the APIM settings and look for block 7D0-01-01 x*xx xxxx xxxx , you need to change the * to 2.
  3. Mine is doing exactly the same, I have Blackvue front and rear, I have the ferrite suppressors on the main power lead and the feed to the rear camera, both before and after the rubber tailgate grommet. Neither have made any difference, still no DAB.
  4. I'm hoping that the wiring is the same colour in the 2017 model, these are from my 2013 model. The wires are connected in the drivers footwell. I didn't need to add them as they were already installed in my car. Hope these are of some use.
  5. In the Kuga, the GPS module is behind the Speedo, you can see the metal bracket held in with the screw, the module is attached to that. This is where I tapped in to the wires.
  6. Yes I do, I have the one with the 2 x USB, SD card slot and line in on it. Comes with the full centre console wiring loom.
  7. I couldn't get mine to work either, the only way I got it to work was to make a new loom to run from the media hub wires direct to the APIM, I also had to re-pin the media hub because the wires weren't the same as the pdf from the first post on here. Mine works perfect now.
  8. I made a loom to run from the APIM to the media hub plug, I had to re-pin the media plug as they weren't in the correct places according to the conversion chart. The original in the car only had a USB and line in which only had 3 wires so I removed all the wires from the main centre console connecting plug and created a loom to run up to the back of the Sync unit. I know what you mean about having a fried brain, I was exactly the same but now that it's done it was all worth it.
  9. I have one, but the wiring is for a Kuga. I am not sure if it's exactly the same but I'm sure it could be adapted. Let me know if you're interested.
  10. I've test fitted my unit this morning and it works, I'm just waiting on the bracket coming to get it in the right place. There's still a few mod's to do but the climate works and it's not reversed either like I've seen in some of the other posts. One thing I did notice was to do with the USB, the system said it doesn't play protected media through external devices. Has anyone had this issue and is there a work around or setting that can be changed?
  11. Yes, I have started to pull it apart, I've got them all out of the plug side, just need to get them out of the socket part then re-do it.
  12. I have bought one of the harnesses above from Amazon, in the description it suggests that it's plug and play as it says' Solve the Problem of No Additional CANs and The Microphone Is In A Different Place in SYNC1 I have checked the pins and they are pin for pin, none of them have been swapped. It does have all 54 pins though, I just need to work out how to get them out without damaging them.
  13. Thanks Luke, that's encouraging. I understand I will need to swap the media port because I don't have the SD slot in mine, the 2 plugs in the back of the control unit are the same and this afternoon I have located the APIM above the glovebox with the media port mini USB in it but one thing I have noticed, there's no plug for the CD slot. I'm guessing that it's for some kind of light?
  14. There's some great information on this thread, I am about to undertake the same project but in a Kuga. I have searched through the Kuga part of the forum but there doesn't seem to be any threads like this one in that section. Does anyone know if the wiring and connections are the same in the Kuga as they are in the Focus? I have purchased a Sync 2 unit which came with the dash surround ect., I just need to figure out the wiring. Any advice would be great. Cheers
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