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  1. Evans Halshaw looked at my focus and said water was in my BCM and smoking at the time of investigation and I need a new wiring loom. They quoted me £3000. Ford are going to investigate further and should get back to me by Wednesday 6th March to let me know if they will pay for the repair. Stressing me out this car
  2. I spoke with ford technical team and they asked to take to my local ford dealer to investigate and got an email address to send the details to if it is a software issue to good the charges. It is booked in for Tuesday as the earliest date. I had to explain everything and they weren't having any of it until I told them about the last recall and it running like a diesel and the battery going flat. She then said oh don't worry about contacting ford I know what it is. Having to jump start my car every day until then.
  3. Lol didn't even think, I will get on to them tomorrow.
  4. There are no outstanding recalls to my car. I had a feeling that this was a software issue but ford dismissed that idea straight away but the problem in America is the same
  5. The car just had a recall for a software update for the clutch slipping. The problem with the engine started after that
  6. I have just gone through the hidden menu but don't really know what I'm looking for
  7. They ran a diognostics and it had a lot of fault codes. They didn't say what the faults are but they cleared them and the car was fine for a couple of days but then it started playing up again
  8. Everything turns off ok on the car as if normal but the engine stays on. I have to stall the car to turn it off and if the start stop decides to work you think it's off and start to walk away and it turn itself on again? This morning the battery was completely dead after just having it tested and saying it was perfect.
  9. Hi I'm having a problem with my 2014 focus ecoboost. I turn off the engine and remove the key and the engine stays on? The start stop function works when it wants to which isn't very often. Ford dealer thinks maybe the fuel pump but can't see how that would be related to the issue. Nobody has come across this before?
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