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  1. Hi, Anybody done these mods on this car? Andy
  2. Hi, I've just had a car with this engine and had a few issues with it. There are 2 sensors in the inlet manifold I'd suggest cleaning them out, but very carefully. The egr valve is at the back of the engine if you follow the metal pipe from the front to rear of engine. As mentioned try a code reader if you can. It could be a loose wire, which I had, faulty sensor or egr valve could be stuck open or closed. Andy
  3. Hi, Just traded my focus 2.0 Zetec S TDCI in for a newer car. First impressions quite happy but I'm asking for recommendations and advice on following points. 1 Is it worth getting a remap? Looked and a 25bhp increase worth it? 2 Didn't really check as I just assumed it had Satnav but it doesn't. How hard to have it activated/installed? 3 Can I get Android Auto working on it? 4 It has Wifi but after connecting to my phone hotspot I can't see anything to use it including software update. 5 How to check/download updates? 6 Any other known upgrades or known things to look for? Thanks in advance, Andy
  4. Hi, Thought I'd update you all on the outcome. Had a scan done and it was showing a network issue, basically an electrical fuse, joint, earth, connection was faulty somewhere on the car. The guy said it would mean going through every wire to try find the issue. When he went I looked at the sensor connections and fuses in the engine bay, cleaning and disconnecting and reconnecting each one. The fault went and it started! So, it was fixed. Unfortunately a couple of times after that the same fault occured, engine fault light came on and it cut out. I wiggled the wires and connections again and fault went! To solve the problem, I in turn when the fault appeared, moved each connector one at a time until fault went and I narrowed it down to the fuel return pipe sensor that is fastened underneath the inlet manifold, still don't know the purpose of it? I examined the connector and wires and discovered that both the wires had rubbed through the covering and were bare wires causing it to intermittently short together. I've cut wires, put in a connector and wrapped in insulation tape and it all seems fine now. At the same time I removed the 2 other sensors on the inlet manifold as they were covered in gunk and the car seems a lot smoother runner than before 👍
  5. Hi, Battery is fine, no issue there. I've got someone coming out in the morning to take a look. Andy
  6. Hi all, My 2010 2.0 TDCI Auto cut out the other day and now won't start. I drove all the way from Leeds to Silverstone then onto East Mids airport without a hitch. The car was parked up forabout 5 days and when I returned it started first time but after a few mins the fuel light came on whilst driving up the M1. I pulled off at first service station but as soon as I got off motoway a "Engine Malfunction" warning light came on and the car would not start again. I've put more diesel in just incase that was a problem but the car just turns over and not start. The "Engine Malfunction" light still comes on but when I connect a basic code reader it shows no faults but in Pending Faults shows code U0422. Any help appreciated, Andy
  7. Hi, I've got a 2010 auto Focus. I've noticed a slight knock/clunk from front end, possibly from off side, when going from forward to reverse and other way round. Only does it initially when moving off. Any ideas? Thanks Andy.
  8. Hi, my car has suddenly started doing something. From cold after setting off it starts making a scrapping/grinding noise from front nearside wheel, sounds like when your brake pads are worn down, but their not. If I stop the car and put into N the revs get really high until I turn engine off. When it first did this the ABS/Traction light came on and wouldn't go off. I could not drive it as car appeared to be stuck in 6th gear. The garage recovered car, cleared dash lights but couldn't find any faults and I collected the car and it seemed ok. It did it again yesterday after being stood for a while, the noise car back and I pulled over turned it off, turned it back on and it seemed fine. I've read on here that lot's of people experience this and it's meant to be the abs testing. I've owned a few Focus cars in the past and never had this problem. It is surely meant to be doing this? Thanks Andy.
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