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  1. I have recently just cleared the blockage I had that caused my passenger foot sill to fill with water. It had been like this for a year. Not sure if this will solve your problem but its worth a try as it only takes 15 minutes. The water drains through that internal metal door trim just under the electrical wires on the picture you show and exits through a small rectangular hole under the car. you can find it by following where the two external plastic trim meet (where you can remove the plastic jacking point bit). Follow that round and you'll feel a metal edge. feel for a rectangular hole (as seen in pic)and stick a small screwdriver up it and wiggle it about to clear all the dirt and small bits of rust. To see if its cleared pour water down the hole on the internal metal trim door (I suggest you use a funnel as I did) and watch that the same amount of water comes out straight away , if it just drips when you put a lot of water down try again to clear it as its a big hole it should clear the same amount of water going in. Hope this helps. I can give you more pics if you need.