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  1. Just as a quick follow up on my issues from a page or 2 ago. I finally got round to stripping the egr valve and exhaust manifold down and cleaning the variable geometry side of the turbo with mr muscle oven cleaner (yes you read that right) and the car now feels amazing to drive so smooth and quieter even. The turbo was very carboned up so the vanes where not moving smoothly. Also cleaned and lubed the egr valve at the same time.
  2. Hi currently have my 2009 2.0 tdci exhaust manifold and turbo full of mr muscle oven cleaner, about an hour in so far. Actuator movement feels much looser now but wondering how much travel its supposed to have in perfect operation. I've just done this video on youtube of mine, do you think that looks ok? Using an large oil change syringe to apply vacuum https://youtu.be/-W6V64nf72w Cheers
  3. Another day another fault code. car is running so much better since the fuel additive was put in, but something still isn't happy. The code refers to the lower limit of variable vane control, latest version of forscan shows vane position as a % now instead of voltage which is much more use. At idle vane position is around 99.5 - 100%, as you press the throttle vane position % lowers as expected. When you let off the throttle vane position quickly snaps back to 100%, some times 100.50%. I think it is that extra 0.5% that is the "circuit voltage below threshold" that is bringing up the fault code. Does that sound plausible? what could be causing it? Ive read somewhere it could be as simple as using the knurled threaded adjuster on the actuator bar to wind it back a bit? Also have this code aswell, god knows what it refers to but seems common for the car to throw a generic abs fault at the same time as an pcm fault.
  4. Its far too early to say but we've had an engine malfunction FREE day today. I put a 500ml bottle of Wynns Diesel turbo cleaner in 3/4 full tank of fuel and went for a bit of a thrash and a bit of cruise along a dual carriageway 70-90 and we've been fault free so far. It could be a coincidence but the fault would occur on almost every journey before hand so hopefully something has fixed. Will keep updated.
  5. Thanks for the reply. The fun of owning cars with irresponsible previous owners 😞 What do you think of the turbo actuator position in the video? Does it look stuck? Should it be resting on the threaded bump stop at the bottom?
  6. Egr error being nearly 100% isn't right either is it?
  7. Yes I did notice that, the value never seems to change either, surely it should increase with revs? The distance since last completed regeneration allways stays on 0km aswell. What could be going on there? When it isn't going into limp mode for the main issue it drives beautifully. Could the car have had a dodgy remap to delete the dpf or something?
  8. little bit of an update, still not sorted it. Had a good look around the engine bay this evening, no sign of damage to any wiring, connections or vacuum pipes. I removed and cleaned the actuator position sensor and connector. I keep clearing codes and the same one keeps coming back. The actuator position sensor readings alter depending on engine load, revs, throttle position so the actuator is moving, whether it is moving enough or correctly is another question. I can't seem to get a good view of the turbo actuator arm from any angle to see how much it is moving. (any tips on how to gain better access to it?) I've managed to get a video of it on my phone with the engine off and it doesn't look to be in the correct position for "engine off" to me. I'll link to video below. Turbo seems to keep boosting for a second or so after throttle is released, is that normal? Exhaust gas is very very sooty aswell I've noticed, left a black mark on road where Ive been reving it. Im starting to lean towards sticky turbo vanes, what do you think? I'll link to a screen shot of some live forscan data with engine idling, anything look unusual? Sorry for long post. youtube video Thanks
  9. Ok thanks very much for your help. I'll have a look at the IAT2 data tomorrow and also going to have a look at the turbo position sensor and wiring see whats going on there. I read somewhere that the PCM outputting the 140v to -140v data could be the PCM is damaged/corrupted? They are located somewhere, where water can get into them? I really like the car so hope it doesn't come to part ex'ing it in.
  10. fitted new battery, cleared codes. Went for a drive and gave it a bit of a thrashing (me and the wife are quite sedate drivers usually) and engine malfunction came on but NO ESP this time. got home and reread code: So overboost and a boost leak? related to the turbo actuator stuck code from earlier possibly? live data shows a strange reading on turbo vane control, a reading ranging from approx 140v to -140v. That is supposed to be between 0v and 5v isnt it?
  11. ESP and engine malfunction again on short drive to pick kids up form school. Came on at low speed but on steep hill so engine will have been boosting. Lots of electrical related codes now: Ive got a new battery to fit but the one Ive just taken off looks very new also. Might have to take back to garage 😞
  12. Thanks for the reply, I noticed alot seems to be voltage related. So I'll have a look at the wiring over the weekend. I put the live data on and the values where= Ign on engine off = 12.3v Engine on = 14.2v Engine cranking 8.5v Engine cranking voltage seems abit low so possibly a weak battery?
  13. Had the car back from the garage for a couple of days and the ESP light and engine malfunction message have come back today 😢 used my elm and forscan to have a look and it come up with this: I reset the codes and went for a 30min drive, had no lights or warning messages during the drive. and reconnected forscan and rescanned and it come up with this: So all the same ones there again but does " - Previously Set DTC - Not Present at Time of Request" mean it's just remembering an old code from before and its not from the 30 min drive I just did? where should I be looking to fix this please? thanks
  14. Esp and engine malfunction again today 😫 will scan car with forscan later
  15. Got the car back, no faults on the short drive home but time will tell. I hope it's sorted as I really like the car. I'll attach a picture of the overheating solinoid, something funny definitely going on inside there.
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