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  1. Hi guys got fed up so ended up breaking the back drivers side window
  2. No that’ll be the next thing if i cant get into it myself
  3. Right so I’ve bought a kit to hopefully unlock it thanks guys
  4. Thanks guys I’ll give it a go
  5. The coat hanger kept coming off the lock
  6. Right looks like I’m going to have to smash the window does anyone know which one is the cheapest to be buy and get fitted
  7. not yet might just smash the window
  8. Ok the car isnt deadlocked do you know how i can get into it
  9. Hi guys I’ve been an idiot i locked my keys to my MK1 Focus in the boot does anyone have any ways of getting in without breaking glass Thanks
  10. Hi guys the car used be my Grandads from new then he sold it and now its come up
  11. Hi guys I recently found my old focus for sale with crash damage. I am tempted to buy the cae back but not sure on how much it would cost to fix. Thanks guys
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