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  1. I contacted Ford customer service about the 0Gb download containing a file called Install.lst and in the SyncMyRide folder several CAB files plus the TAR.GZ file which normally creates the log file. This is an invalid mixture of Sync2 Windows Auto files and the Sync3 log file tool. They confirmed there is an issue with the download process which they are working on, and to re-try in 2 or 3 weeks. I re-tried a couple of days ago and a new map preparation progress dialog screen appeared, with a series of alternating messages to the effect that the "download was being prepared", "could take some time", "nearly finished" which ran for a couple of hours then terminated with a failure message. No file was downloaded. I tried again today and it was back to the old screen, with the same old 0Gb invalid Sync2 download again. I'm guessing they implemented a download system upgrade, which didn't work, so they reverted back to the old one, which also doesn't work 🙂 Since the master reset, the F8 maps appear to now work correctly as far as navigation goes. I haven't encountered any speed limit errors, unlike F7 maps, so far. The 2 outstanding issues are 1) Favourite number 3 is corrupt with no saved data and cannot be edited or erased other than by a master reset, after which it becomes corrupt next time I try to enter a new destination in No3. 2) The entertainment audio is not muted during navigation voice instructions.
  2. I’d like to make you aware of further issues that have arisen since the F8 map update. I had tested on a few very short journeys, after the map update, and operation appeared to be normal. However, today I made a number of longer journeys during which issues became apparent. It would be interesting to know if others have encountered the same issues, or if it's just my car. 1. I entered a new destination some 10 miles from home. For the first few miles navigation functioned normally, but then the route information disappeared from the display and voice instructions stopped. I stopped the car and re-entered the same destination, which was found on searching. On clicking Start a message “route calculation failed” was heard. On re-trying several times the error was repeated. 2. On arriving at that destination, I attempted to enter several new destinations, and for any of these the same error message was heard. So unable to navigate to any destination. 3. I did a master reset. After that I entered and saved my Home destination, which was saved correctly. 4. I attempted to create a new favourite corresponding to my next intended destination. On saving, the destination details were blank in the list (as No3), and neither that nor any other favourite could be selected, edited, or deleted. 5. I switched off the ignition and re-started. After that new favourites from No4 onwards could be created, saved, selected etc. On selecting the blank favourite No3, the behaviour in 4 above was repeated. 6. After a further master reset, I repeated steps 3,4 and 5 with identical results. On selecting favourite No3, all further favourite related operations were impossible until the system was restarted. I then made several further journeys to different destinations, each entered manually, and without issues. I've passed this on to Ford and will post their reply here.
  3. If you have done a Sync or maps update and no log file has been created, the utility to create a log file is available on the Ford Netherlands website here:- https://www.ford.nl/content/dam/guxeu/rhd/central/owners/resources-and-support/sync-%26-bluetooth-support/update/documents/Interrogator_AB.zip Instructions translated from Dutch:- Do you experience problems creating a log file during a SYNC 3 update? Then follow the steps below to solve the problem: Download this file (ZIP 44KB) . Unpack the file and copy the contents to a USB stick. (The USB stick must be formatted in ExFAT) Get in your car and turn on the engine Insert the USB stick into a USB port on your Ford once the SYNC 3 system is fully booted. Make sure that no other USB devices are connected. Wait until the message 'Installation complete' appears (this takes about 1 minute). Now a new log file should have been created on the USB stick. Go back to your computer and confirm the update by uploading the log file to the Ford website. Note: There's a file missing from that download too, but it's of no consequence, as it just stops the car from searching for music files on the USB stick. When you install it there will be a message like "Indexing USB stick" for a short while, which you can ignore. I've also found that doing a manual search for updates via wi-fi never finds any updates, but it does seem to achieve the same result as uploading the log file. Several attempts are often needed until the last search date displayed is today and the time is now. Then wait a couple of working days, and a search for updates on the website should show your car is up to date.