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  1. Hi all may seem odd question. Polished car then got call to pick up partner. Sod’s law rain decided to make an appearance. Rest of car not too bad but whole of rear door and bumper filthy. Would mudflaps help?
  2. Was looking at gunmetal with flake. Bronze does look cool.
  3. I have a blue st and am getting wheels refurbished any idea on colour.
  4. My 2014 blue fiesta st needs a wheel refurb. I can’t decide what colour am swaying towards a graphite colour with fleck in it. Any opinions or pics of your car would help.
  5. Hi was looking at mountune but for half the price can have remap with same figures. Not bothered with noise but if power increase the same ish then is remap answer. Remap would cost £275
  6. Hi all. Mid life crisis quite possibly. As my partner says your 52 shouldn’t you be looking at volvos lol. Had it about 2 weeks now and enjoying it even if ride is a tad on firm side. Not sure what MK it is possibly a 6. It’s on a 63 plate. Always had rear wheel drive but to my surprise can get back end out quite easily. Upgrades considered mountune but can get more power for half the price with a Celtic tuning remap. Anyway thought I’d just say hi.
  7. I’m thinking of mountune route although at the local dyno centre the Celtic tuning remap made more power at nearly half the price than a mountune. What’s everyone’s thought.