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  1. No blind spot sensor, but logically mirror and reversing sensors are a linked function ( I.e. going backwards views).However, I bought a new unit from ford dealer, fitted and all functions restored fine, so there is a wiring connection! now just returning the wrongly specced unit which was cheaper, but no good if unsuitable! cheers!
  2. The car is late 2015(nov) and temp sensor definitely in mirror as the thermocouple worked when the harness was hanging loose after mirror smashed off. Also re connecting and disconnecting wiring activated and halted reversing sensors?.
  3. The near side (passenger) electric mirror on my 2015 grand c max was smashed. I ordered a replacement from a big uk supplier, but when fitted the temp sensor and reversing sensors do nor operate. Re fitting the old harness restores function. Is this a normal wiring arrangement , if so I guess the part is unsuitable??