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  1. To be fair, any car, but especially a diesel is not going to do too well on a 4 mile journey. This time of year will also make it worse. I find my car takes a good 5 miles or so just to get the coolant temp stable, that on the motorway. Taking it for a good drive should see your MPG increase.
  2. Well this evening was the first time in a long while I've driven without having to do a reset, guess this warmer weather helps! May not have to worry for another 5 months! Most time later in the week so see what the requirements for that are and what's left in the money pot for further investigation.
  3. .EAC Fail Hello Not sure if this is the best way to do this but, I posted a problem in the Fusion forum. As the vehicles share the same engine and systems I was hoping someone may be able to assist here too. I've provided a link to the original question above. Thank you.
  4. Ok, I'll skip a post in over there if that is ok.
  5. Thank you for your reply. I can certainly look at the pedal and maybe clean the internals. My thinking though is that if it was the pedal the fault would appear all the time?
  6. Hello I'm after a bit of guidance. Reading up on the EAC fail there is a lot written but nothing seems to fit my symptoms. I have a 2003 1.4TDCi Fusion. Runs like a dream. However for the past 9 months the EAC fail flashes up from cold. I'll give a bit of history to the car & when the fault began. I had to replace the priming lines as there was a leak from a 'T-piece' After this was done the above fault appeared on cool mornings (<15c approx) after a couple of miles from the first start. Other than the 2000rpm limit the engine was fine. Once summer came I didn't suffer as the air was warm enough in the mornings, but come later on it returned. There are no faults logged when this happens. You can reset with a depower of the car but will come back after a short while. Using a diagnostic tool on the move I've learnt that once the coolant reaches about 60c, after a reset it will stay off and remain that way unless the car is left for a fair while (such as parking at work) I'm trying to think what the correlation of coolant and/or air temp have on the system. I'm wondering if I've fitted a faulty priming assembly (I believe there is a fuel temp sensor on this?) Or it could be something was disturbed during the replacement. I've removed/cleaned the connectors on the accel pedal and the MAF sensor. One other thing to note, the glow plug light rarely comes on at start unless it is well below freezing, is the normal? Could it be connected? Hopefully I've made clear what is happening so someone can perhaps give me pointers. I'm a bit reluctant to change things for the sake of it but may have to. Thank you
  7. Hello all. Just signed up here. 1.4DCi Fusion owner in need of help! Will post in the appropriate forum dreckly.