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  1. I have given up with Ford as they just tell me to go to a dealer and will not confirm if it is possible to do what I asked before travelling. Shame there is no "Ford" engineers on here. Will keep this account live as Im looking at a Ford B Max once I sell my Juke. Thanks anyway Nick
  2. For anyone interested in this topic Fords reply is listed below, Ive had to respond to them asking if there engineers had the ability to sort out my problem beforemaking a 30 mile round trip to a non Evans Halshaw dealership. Nick Good morning, Thank you for your email dated 25 February 2019, regarding your recent experience with a Ford Dealership in reference to updating files attached to your Ford KA, GX60 XXX; we appreciate you taking the time to contact us directly with your queries, and are sorry for any inconvenience that has been experienced. Unfortunately, we do not have the facility to forward update files for your vehicle specification over email, and would be required to refer you to your local Ford Dealership for further assistance on this occasion; we fully understand that you have previously attempted this but have not received the appropriate assistance as required, this will be raised internally to be addressed as appropriate. We would recommend you contact your next closest local Ford Dealership for assistance; and you can find the contact details for your local branch, using our Dealer locator function here: We hope this information is of assistance, and whilst we are unable to assist direct we appreciate you taking the time to bring your feedback to our attention; should you require assistance with another matter in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us direct on either 0203 564 4444 or UKCRC1@FORD.COM.
  3. Just an update, I went to Evans Halshaw in Chester (as advised by receptionist) and told the service chap of my requirements. He went and got an engineer (25yrs experiance) who informed me that they have never updated the audio software and can't do it. I did ask as it's a FORD car can they point me in the direction of someone who could programe the Bluetooth module, he said they didn't know. I then though what the hell so I nipped to Swansway Fiat and what a difference in customer service, the chap said he would take a look and came to the car then he said he would put it in the bay and see if there system could programe it for me. After 20 minutes he came back to me and said there system could not update it (as I have said probably a different file structure) but he said that Evans Halshaw should have raised the issue with Ford and I need to contact Ford directly. I will keep my eyes out for a replacement module but theis just shows what Ford are really like. American company with UK customer service lol. Nick
  4. I would agree with you but ALL the information required for the Fiat 500 is available on the Fiat site for nothing, this is just a way of Ford getting me to take the car in to them then charge me whatever they feel like for 10 minutes work, I am sure it will take them longer though. You can't even speak to a technician any more. Thanks for all your comments. Nick
  5. Hi iantt, I have checked on all sites and having studied the box (Fiat 51874047 OR CUGR6CF50 ) these boxes are like rocking horse stuff so impossible to pick up. I did look on FIAT forums and I understand how the USB port works in order to update the Bluetooth chip, Fiat have all the software on there sites in all different languages so I did try but all though the file format is read I just get a USB error 20 probably due to the file name being incorrect. I did email Ford and also sent a message via FB Messaging but no reply, I have spoken to my local Ford dealer but all you get is the receptionist so I will have to take the car to Ford something I didnt want to do. On the Fiat side of things there has been regular updates using there Blue&Me system but as this is not even recognised using the Ford Sync I think it is quiet shoddy from Ford UK. I wish I could even get a copy of the current software that is installed so I could see the file structure and also what version it is. Thanks for your Post. Nick
  6. Just another update, I can now confirm that the car bluetooth is FIAT, the module that is behind the rear drivers panel says FIAT, ALFA with a part number of 51874047. Im lucky I drive a Nissan as Ford are a disgrace, last decent car was my MK2 Escort. Nick
  7. Does anyone know if I sign upto Ford Etis and pay for an hour access would I be able to access the files I need, I have registered and pulled up the car information and it says the following: Telephone Prep Pack B - Italian So I asume I would need the same but with British ? Nick
  8. Hi, I bought the missus a seriously low milage ford KA for our holiday home in Spain, Yes its LHD but it came from Italy and although the text on the Speedo is in English the voice system is in Italian. Now Ive looked into this and it seems the system is a Fiat 500 setup and does not use the Ford Sync system. I downloaded the Fiat Blue & Me language pack but although it sees the USB stick and starts to upgrade I then get a USB error 20 which i presume is from the file being Fiat. Does anyone know if I can get the Ford English files so I can update the system, I know Fiat has them all listed but using our friend Google I cannot find one single reference to the Ford KA language packs. I have spoken to Ford on the Phone and the lady spoke with the service center and said they did not really understand what I was asking so could I take the car down to them. The process would take about 15 minutes and is very frustrating as I could easily do the job myself if I had the files. Anyone have them? Nick