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  1. Thank you for your response. I'd spliced the wires from the noted coloured wires on the Blue A/C Plug (HVAC?) pins to 19 & 20 on the APIM, that was my understanding from looking at the conversion table, is this not correct? Edit* I don't recall doing FCDIM 4 & 5 to the button panel 7 & 4, but I will check! Would this be linking or moving pins before a frazzle my brains?
  2. Hi all. I don't whether someone is able to help, but I had originally upgraded from a pre-facelift Ford Focus Sync 1 to a Sync 2, it started of OK, except for the volume level was stuck and steering controls not working, then all of a sudden the system won't power up and the screen is blank etc.... the only things working were the faceplate illumination and hazard lights (now doorlock) switches. I thought the Sync 2 went bust, so I've tried a Sync 3 with the US Sony faceplate and still getting the same problem. When plugging in the ACM control plug, it makes a short whirring noise. I've checked the two fuses (66 & 79) behind the glovebox but they're fine, the wires and pins to the APIM, ACM etc seem fine!? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. @samevansinworthi thank you for the reply, just didn't want to plug it in and foul up the whole system if I connected the Sync 2 hub to the Sync 3 unit. The single USB hubs are not as popular as the double looking on the likes of Ebay, but that is good news to hear you haven't had any issues with it. I'll get one ordered. 👍
  4. Hi all. I'm upgrading from Sync 2 to Sync 3, at the moment I don't have the CarPlay media hub or the 2>3 adapter harness for it, but wondering if I can get away with just using the Sync 2 media hub with the SD card slot for the time being? Looking at the Sync 3 media hubs where you can plug in two USB devices (as I would like to plug in my android mobile and a iPod at the same time), some twin USB hubs are listed as not for Mustang or Focus, where others don't mention it but have the same part number!? Is this the case, or will I need to get just the single USB version, if so does anyone have the correct part number? Any help will be appreciated. Regards
  5. Cheers 👍, I think I had seen when I had the dash out earlier, but was more focused on where the wiring went from the harness by the gear stick as it appeared to go up by the glove box!?
  6. Thanks @Typhoonf2 👍. I think I know what you mean, just got to strip the head unit and climate control out again and take another look. I didn't want to muck about with wires in case I buggered up something else.
  7. @Monks600 I've had another look, the locking harness just below the gear stick is the only one I can find!? I've taken a picture of the harnesses that were connected to the head unit, the ones by the right hand air vent plug in fine, I'm only stuck with the one by the right air vent which is too small and is only a 10 pin harness. Would you be able to point me in the right direction as to where the harness you were talking about is please, or would I need an adaptor?
  8. Hi. Thanks for your reply, I'll have a better look for it then. Yes, I have a 2013 titanium with the basic Sync Command BT & VC, but that's gone a bit duff.
  9. Hi, I'm looking at replacing my Sync 1 (without navigation) to a Sync 2 to give me navigation, I've purchased the Sync 2 head unit, the wiring loom with the SD Card reader that runs from the arm rest to the HU Console came with it, however I'm a bit stuck as the APIM on the back has a 54 pin socket and I'm only left with the smaller harness with the lever lock from my Sync 1 unit. The other harnesses all fit into ACM!? I do have the GPSM behind the rear view mirror. Any help would be greatly appreciated.