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  1. not a colour change. i got soo many stone chips and scratches from other drivers using my car as a door stop. its my pride and joy and want her to look good. am aasking as next winter i want her to be a show car
  2. hi guys so end of next year im looking to get a full respray on the mk7 fiesta. was just wondering if anyone had had a full respray and wat costs were thanks tom
  3. is anyone going to fordfest i shall be on oval owners stand in this
  4. the_mighty_fez

    ford fair 2019

    the_mighty_fez at ford fair and prep pics
  5. hi i am also from kettering and looking to meet. not just at weekends but evenings aswell
  6. Hi guys I’m Tom. Just reacently bought my manly fuscia fiesta. From Northamptonshire looking to go to as many cars shows as possible