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  1. could be a bad filter to start with. I know i might be pointing out the granny to suck eggs but you have put it back all together in the correct direction?
  2. Might sound a daft question but when you park the car are you parking it on a incline of any sort? Its sounding like that there is not enough fuel in the chamber for the glowplug to heat up and turn the car over. If you are parking it on a incline make sure the facing downhill and see what happens then. I had a similar issue in my MK4 never managed to get it resolved though. But i also starting putting diesel injector cleaner in the tank as well. So could be a combination of the 2. Hope that is of some help
  3. Anyone interested. Please get in contact and i can pass your details on.
  4. Funny mind did the same earlier in the week. The front of the handle comes off (it is only clipped on) from the rest of the housing of the handle itself and then you will find to hex sockets bolts that needs tightening up and then push the cap back on and all done took less that 2 mins to fix. If it happens again, ill put on some locktight on it to stop them coming lose
  5. Hi Wizard. Send over your details in a private message and i will pass them onto my friend. I'm pretty sure he will be able to the door auto lock. Not sure about the other features.
  6. Evening all. I have a friend of mine coming down to the southampton area on the 27/7/19 and is offering the following. He can offer the following Mondeo MK4 -MK5 * Remapping * Convers+ Update * Speedo Update/Mods * Diagnostics * MOD's Options If you are interested please send me a private message and I will pass your information/question to my friend. Please include the following information. * Name * What your looking at having done * Contact information (email/Phone)
  7. Just looked at all the engines that could possible be in your car and then all have at least 1 glowplug.
  8. That sounds to me like a glow plug issue. Which is why it is fine when the engine is warm. Diesel only combusts when its in a vaper state so if the glow plugs are not warming the liquid diesel into a vaper then it will take ages to start and just turn over and over. You will also get large puff of smoke out the back as well doing that and when it fully fires up. I had a similar problem on my MK4 but in the winter months. I found if you switch the ignition on and then off after the glow plug light goes out onm the dash a few times then turn the engine over it will do it a big quicker. Hope that helps
  9. Couple of things to check. I would recommend that you get a piece of software called forscan ( ) . It is free and you can get a 2 month free licence as well. This will give you more information your ODB will do the basics and if your OBD support both HS-Can and MS-Can if you will give all the information you need including any DTC codes. You should also go to the following site and download you as built data and compare it with what you have on the car. Be worth looking at the forscan guide group on Facebook and the forum on too
  10. It comes down to 2 things. What version of sync are you running? if sync 2 - then its about 2-3 years out date latest and runs on a SD card.latest is F7 If sync 3 - it is about 2 years old. There is talk that there will be an update later this year after ford found a fault and had to stop the latest roll out. As Comares said you can check this from the ford website and that will give you the information. At this present time in the UK you can not update your sysnc system by wifi. Can only be done by download to USB and installing it in the car and follow the instructions you will see on the website
  11. Do you clear the DTC code after you changed the injectors? and then got a new code or not? Always worth clearing the code after you done a fix it forces the ECU to check everything again and it might give you the same code again or a new one that will point to a different issue p244c - Catalyst Temperature Too Low During Regeneration, Bank 1 p2463 - Diesel Particulate Filter - Soot Accumulation It sounds like your regen is not working as it should. Best thing to do it go for a 40 min run and keep the revs around 3000rpm. The book will say lower revs and shorter time. But with the higher revs and then longer time should force a regen and make it hot enough to do it. If not you may need to take it to a diesel specialist and then can take the Cat off and clean it for you
  12. I am sure someone on the FOrd Mondeo MK5 uk group might be able to assist you. link is below Other thing i would look if you can is using a program called forscan and see if you can see anything on that with the dab in the presets and settings.
  13. keep us informed on how you get on
  14. Just to give you a bit more information the gearbox on that car is 6DCT450. From this you should be able to gather more informaiton in your quest