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  1. I wonder if you have noise cancelling speakers/microphones
  2. It was because i was asking information about the vehicle like the VIN and registration, which i am sure like you wouldnt want plastered over the internet. I was not able to help any further than it was not on the TSB list from ford.
  3. You can do alot with Forscan but currently you can not do Firmware upgrades with it. Depending on firmware on your cluster (IPC) the digital speedo will either show in the middle or on the right hand side in the middle of the analog speedo. Go to the forscan website you can download the software and yes you can still get the free trail version. You will need to buy the connector and there are plenty of links and what people use. The socket if it is the same as mine is in the drivers footwell just under the plastics of the dashboard.
  4. mine is grey. had to replace mine and my local dealer only charged me £2.42 last year. they didnt have it in stock and took them a couple of days. so your local dealer should be able to do the same.
  5. Do you have a pic of it? might be helpful for us to see what you are seeing to suggest a way forward.
  6. After a number of emails back and forth with ford customer services i received the following "When reviewing the information provided, we have been informed that your vehicle is functioning to design intent and that the windows would remain open until ordered differently; therefore, the auto-relocking of the vehicle would not influence this, and would require the vehicle to be unlocked and then windows closed either in the vehicle or via the keyfob. " I can see the good and bad in it. But you can just see it now. My car got broken into coz the car auto locked and left the windows open and am i still covered under my insurance????? Im just going to be more careful but they have agreed to pass it onto the development team to look into further. another words they dont have that options and it might come in further version of software/hardware but unlikely lol
  7. I just want all the information i can get my hands on incase i need to push anything. As they say knowledge is power
  8. Same as etis it will only show those that need a government recall not all tsb.
  9. Yea I know but you need a subscription to see them
  10. Hi All See lots of chatter in different mondeo forums about ford tsb for the mondeo. Does anyone have the list or know where i can get a list from?
  11. Take it to another garage and get them to look at it. If the garage knew what they were doing they would investigate it more to work out the cause of the issue and not just keep sorting the after affects
  12. Hi all Wonder if any of you could answer this one. Just been going through forscan and my as built configuration (from MotorCraft) and i have a load more items under the headlight control module (HCM) i have a range of numbers 734-223-01 to 734-223-22 with values next to them on my car but not on AsBuilt Also i have 200 additional lines under PCM 7E0-04-01 up to 7E0-33-06 These are extra from AsBuilt from motorcraft. Any Ideas????? Its from a Ford Mondeo mk5 2L Diesel, 6speed Manual, Hatchback
  13. Hi All I came across this one today and thought it was very odd and wonder if anyone else has the same issue. I found another guy in the uk who has the same problem and even he was surprised by it. The issue is, use the keyfob to do a global unlock of car and global open windows which works well and everything but if you do not open a car door the car auto relocks itself after 45 seconds. This is where it comes interesting the windows stay open. I only found this out as my neighbour was talking to me and the car auto locked and the windows stayed open and he asked should it do that and i went no idea. Its a ford mondeo Mk5 2016 Anyone know why the windows stay open? and how do i get them to close when the auto relock kicks in?