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  1. Do a hard reset on it and that should sort the problem. It looks like its a error in the code so removing the fuse might not resolve it. Have a look on Youtube and it will show you how to do a hard reset
  2. To check is not a drive shaft issue or CV joint. Jack the car up corner side at a time, out of gear and engine off and brakes are off (make sure you have some form of braking blocks around the back wheels) and make sure the wheels turn freely. Put the car in gear and then see if you can turn a wheel manually. The wheel should not move very far (rock it only from side to side), meaning that its engage correclty, If it moves more than 1/4 of a turn that it has not engaged with the gearbox so your issue is with that side with the driveshaft or CV joint. Then do the other side.
  3. I would be very worried. I got my car with 8k on the clock and i changed it a newer version of the mondeo when i got to 135k and not once did i have to change the bushes or anything on the suspension and i used the car to tow a caravan as well. The indicators do fade over time and usage but i only change them once over 6 years. With a car with that low mileage and with those issues i would be very concerned.
  4. looking at the information, it might be a case of dirty in the fuel line system. Try putting in some fuel cleaning and see what that does.
  5. Worth joining the facebook mondeo mk5 uk group. There been plenty of people that have been able to do this or are willing to give you advice on there for you. There are also plenty of clips on youtube as well. I hope the link below is of some help.
  6. might be worth you looking into a program called Forscan. It might give you some error codes so you can look up what the problem.
  7. i hope she is not a member on here with that comment lol
  8. instead of making things complicated look for the simple solution lol
  9. Park downwards instead of upwards when you park.
  10. Geocacher - Just sent you a private message for some more details of the car.
  11. This sounds like your battery is not holding its charge properly. be worth checking on that as that is showing all the sign of it
  12. Spend a little time reading about Forscan. I felt the same with it when i first looked at it. But once you get to understand parts of it, you will be hooked by it. If you take to your ford garage they will not do it for you, they will use an excuse that they can not do it for you. Ive only been using forscan just over a month and made a number of changes to the car and its only cost me the price of the ELM which was under £20. The amount ive saved by making the changes i have would be in the 100's. There are plenty of spreadsheets out there for different ford cars (mostly usa) but the commands are the same on most models except the very brand news ones. Its worth looking at the forscan forum, there are loads of youtube clips as well and a good community of people out there if you get stuck including myself. Also i suggest you join the following facebook group Its one of the largest, if not the largest Mondeo Mk5 uk groups out there. Im on there as Gav Jarratt.
  13. You can disable the start stop each time you are time you start the car. However there is a program called Forscan that you will be able to make it a permanate fix. Have a look at for more information on how to use it and what hardware you need.
  14. TBH i think you will be looking around £400-500, just doing a quick look online the clutch kit alone is around £200 and most are quoting 4-5 labour at least
  15. You tried Mr Clutch or kwikfit?