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  1. As your car is a Diesel. have you tried to bump start it with a tow. that way if the car starts it will charge the battery up at the same time.
  2. Defo coz u didnt have enough water in the system. However where did all the water go is the question. Could be since of a problem coming up. Check the water daily and make sure its not mixing with the oil and making it milky in colour. Also check all the hoses and radiator. are you blowing out more smoke out of the exhaust?
  3. might be worth getting a diagnostics reader and see if u get any error codes. Theres a piece of software called forscan, you can do that with. Also might be worth looking at the facebook group called Mondeo mk5 uk group. Lots of great people on there that might be able to help you
  4. I dont know if you get the same option as you do on the Sync 2 but can you not change from the long/lat to postcode?
  5. message wiesiow and he will be able to help you
  6. to get a decent engine and to fit is likely to be more than the value of the car currently. I would try and find a new car with everything you want.
  7. might be worth just checking you dont have something left on in the car when your not using it. other than that sounds like battery or alternator. Take to another garage and get them to get t the battery live on it. most batteries only last 4-5 years. Do you have start stop on it ?
  8. sounds like some form of senor or thermastat is at fault Just make sure the water and oil are not mixing
  9. Can anyone help with finding this piece of software as im needing it to modify a file to upload to my UK spec Mondeo But unable to find it anywhere and been hours looking for it thanks in advance
  10. I have checked Ford Etis site and i have the following from it P2263 - Turbo / Super Charge Boost System Performance P1719 - Engine Torque Signal I hope that is of some help to you
  11. If you have a reader. Might be worth getting forscan as that will give you more information and you can reset/run procedures that might help you. Forscan is free and you can get a 2 month free licence as well.
  12. go to this site and it has a recall on it for your number plate. Tell me that and do print screens of both screen shots and go to your dealer. If they can not help you go to a different dealer or go direct to ford customer care.
  13. i would check around the boot and under the rear seats and see if you can find anything that might relate to it. I just check my old haynes manual and i cant find anything in that that would relate to your issue. If you are only getting the smell from filling it up it would be around the wheel arch side of the car so check around that under the mats and carpet as well
  14. Just thought. It might be the fuel senor on the fuel tank. it goes into the fuel tank from the inside of the car. When you put fuel in the car do you fill it up full or just a splash and dash? if its a full tank. Do you get the smell on a splash and dash?