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  1. Thanks Will definitely look here over weekend,
  2. Hello, So this is how it started.. Driving to work Wednesday morning, normal commute 25 mile, the Dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree, and a Engine Failure message, Transmission faults, Reduced speed message, the car went into limp mode and i managed to pull over in to a buss stop I have a Bluetooth ODBII and the Torque app on my phone (Initial roadside diagnostics) so checked out the codes see below, saved the image, reset and car restarted Complete the drive to work and back no issues ? Anyway this morning , Thursday, driving to work, and it happened again, only this time the Message was just Reduced speed, again loads of faults that i cleared and continued on my way Thursday evening, Tonight, the car engine stopped in the middle of the road, Engine failure, loads of lights and errors, and would not restart until cleared Now i have for-scan etc to do a deeper check over the weekend, but just wanted to see if anyone on here with same car has had anything like, hoping so Any ideas here or help with codes would be very much appreciated Image attached of screen shot Thanks in advance Car Details Reg: MV08 MYS Engine: 1.8 TDCi Diesel Mileage: 122000 Approx Gearbox: Manual
  3. FIXED, Borrowed my friends For-scan, and did an Instrument Cluster reset, and back to normal Just in case anyone else has same issue, that's how i fixed it 🙂 Thanks for All help guys
  4. I have but not far, going to give it a run see if things change
  5. Hello, Had an issue whereby alternator packed up and battery eventually died, anyway put on new Alternator and Battery car runs fine But when power came back on i noticed outside air temp on dash was showing -59? messed about unplugging and plugging back in and came back on? Had to disconnect battery again for something now temp showing -59 again, but this time cannot seem to get back on Tested sensor and resistance changes with temp also when disconnected the display shows __ so it knows the sensor is there but miles out ? Any one had this before and know a fix Any help much appreciated and thanks in advance
  6. Thanks i will have a look at this, just seems the dam hole where it goes is really big, im gona message this one first to see if its right Thanks
  7. Hi Guys, I have a 2008 Mk2 Facelift 1.8TDCi Focus, it has a hole in the centre console where a 12v socket should be so i'm looking to get a replacement socket as the hole really does my head in but iv'e ordered several off eBay and non fit, its a lot bigger than a standard 12v socket and surround ? There is what looks like the remainder of the electrical part Any ideas where i can get one to fit Thanks in advance
  8. Apart from the other little issues, got to say I am loving driving this, now its so smooth, and comfortable, defiantly see this being the first of many, granted its a 2008 but i would love to be in a new one someday, Fingers crossed, Again thank you guys, i'm loving this community already, you have been so helpful and put some good cases / ideas forward that has pointed me in the right direction 😃
  9. Mounted seal below , but i had a broken fuel pipe, the small section between the top of the filter and the straight piece across the front of the engine, i had some rubber fuel line and made a temporary piece up , i have a new one coming from ford, my guess is the tube is collapsing when its drawing fuel from the tank? and creating an air lock Or at least hope thats what it is, i should have my new on Monday
  10. Loosing the will now with this, came out this morning and started then cut out, had to pull pipe off that goes to pump and put a tube on there and suck until fuel came out Seems like its drained back ? Is this possible I cant see any leaks around filter housing and I'm pretty sure oring in housing are ok, do you think this little original in the libe could cause this ?
  11. New shockers fitted and drives like a dream, thanks Guys
  12. Well, what a day, Firstly checked the Fuel filter, something in my head told me to ! Anyway was black so purchased a new MANN filter and put the new one in, piped back up and turned the key....nothing no fuel Now i was on the understanding that the car had an electric pump in tank but i was so wrong And no priming pump ARHH! had to go but a priming bulb, anyway eventually got the fuel through and started up Cleared all faults and nothing has come back, been driving round for a few hours and seems ok? I'm hoping this is the end of it, but Instrument cluster dry joints is my next move Thanks guys for the input
  13. While driving home tonight and stopped in traffic, i heard a chime and the ESP light came on, along with a Engine Malfunction message on screen, i drove until i could pull over The car was driving fine, apart from sounded like a timing issue knocking sound then cleared ? Anyway go home and run Forscan, and lots of DTC's PCM P0299-A1 PCM U0405-61 PCM U0140-A1 PCM P0088-61 ABS U2023-A0 EPS C1956-30 EPS U1900-20 IC U1900-20 GEM P0581-0F GEM B2976-0F GEM 2092-0F Now i'm guessing these are prob red herrings due to some sort of network issue ? but has anyone had anything like this for pointers? I have heard that the instrument cluster is a big issue and can cause loads of issues Any help greatly appreciated The car is a Focus 1.8 TDCi 2008
  14. Thanks Guys, ive noticed some bounce over bumps in general so going to stick some rear shockers on and see if any change, prob have a good look round while im there
  15. Hello, New so forgive me if this is in wrong place I have recently purchased a Focus 1.8 TDCi 2008 Mk2 facelift I have a strage thing happening, the car feels like it lurches in corners at rear, if iam going over hill and corner feels like it jumps sideways on road ? is this what they call bump steering? Im unsure what cound cause this, im thinking rear shockers or roll bar ? Any help would be greatly appriciated