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  1. I found firm that makes aftermarket power tailgate kits. There is no Fiesta on their catalog by now but Focus is. 🤔
  2. That is also a space for parking assistant and parking sensor mute buttons if you have those in your car.
  3. Great car and no troubles so far. 😀 Mine is 2018 model and about 12 000km driven.
  4. Updated my Fiesta 2018 to sync 3.4 via I have nav version and update took about 50min. Now I have finnish launguage etc. and everything went smoothly.😀
  5. Yeah, its tight for sure. You just to have wiggle it little side by side and it should eventually come loose.
  6. I have MK8 2018 Titanium and it has filament reverse and turn signal bulbs. Changed them leds of course. 😁 Ceuk sells led sequental side repeaters, ordered because I have led driving lights so dynamic signals to mirrors too.. Led sequental side repeaters MK8
  7. Hair

    Dash cam

    I have Viofo A119S and I installed it like this: (Left-hand drive cos Finland..)
  8. Hi! Lens is removable so no need to buy whole thing.
  9. Some video.. Rear Drum to Disc Conversion Kit - Ford Fiesta
  10. Usb memory stick like this: 128Gb Usb stick holds like 16,000-22,000 songs in it... So you can rip almost all your cd:s in to it... 😀 I have 64Gb version and I have used about 40% capacity....
  11. Found one video how its done:
  12. Just changed side signal bulbs to led. Blue is prytool and picture shows where to start. Just press black bottom part 1-2mm down/ in so you can slide prytool under red part. Then slide it gently to right until you hear a click. I was struggling with this myself and tried to take off mirror lens etc.. So no need to touch the mirror at all. Now its easy when I figured it out!
  13. Added steel rear bumper protector.