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  1. Hair

    Dash cam

    I have Viofo A119S and I installed it like this: (Left-hand drive cos Finland..)
  2. Hi! Lens is removable so no need to buy whole thing.
  3. Some video.. Rear Drum to Disc Conversion Kit - Ford Fiesta
  4. Usb memory stick like this: 128Gb Usb stick holds like 16,000-22,000 songs in it... So you can rip almost all your cd:s in to it... 😀 I have 64Gb version and I have used about 40% capacity....
  5. Found one video how its done:
  6. Just changed side signal bulbs to led. Blue is prytool and picture shows where to start. Just press black bottom part 1-2mm down/ in so you can slide prytool under red part. Then slide it gently to right until you hear a click. I was struggling with this myself and tried to take off mirror lens etc.. So no need to touch the mirror at all. Now its easy when I figured it out!
  7. Added steel rear bumper protector.
  8. Hi! I bought Phillips X-tremeUltinon gen2 bulbs replacements in fog lights. Fitted just fine, I have titanium model so it was via wheel arch. Tight spot but it was possible without removing tires. Now all headlights are same colour! I recomend those for everyone who has led headlights!
  9. That is glove box retainer. Slows lid movement when box is opened. Round part goes to glovebox and stick part goes into "slit" that has small gear in it.
  10. Start FordPass first on your phone, then sync will find it. If you want to use android auto, then you need to use usb cable.
  11. One place seems to sell those orginal ledlights: Full led headlights
  12. Take automatic updates off and it stops showing that 'scan for available networks' message.
  13. One more picture.. And yes, it needs one hole but it will be under rubber mat if you ever need to remove charger. I used drill like this: And hole: