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  1. I find it helpful to have the dash lights on all the time because when you're driving during the day and you enter a shaded road because of trees the dials become invisible and you can't even see the speed you're going at which is what my work van does (VW Transporter). It's a natural thing to turn on your lights when it gets dark anyway so you won't become lazy and rely on technology to tell you. I'm pretty sure the Focus come with auto headlights if you're lazy anyway so keep it on that setting and look at your dash for the headlights on display to ensure its on.
  2. When doing the rear lights unbolting by hand the first time just be patient and don't expect it to be easy and done in seconds. Take your time and come back later if you get tired and it should eventually unscrew. I eventually got there in the end and it was worth the struggle and wait when the lights were replaced.
  3. I'm pretty sure it's the same principle for cars as well. The key must be in the proximity for the first start and will stay on unless you turn off the ignition. I've never driven a keyless entry car before but friend had one and went shopping inside a supermarket once with the engine still running despite being locked.
  4. On my very first service I was charged just over £200. On the second service I was charged just under £300 and it felt like that hasn't done anything to the car. But that's lookers for you a rip off dealership as they're the only one in my hometown. Coming up to my third and final service in a few months so can finally stop using them after this one. I never got breakdown cover during my first service but I did on my 2nd time though.
  5. If you have a projector then you should be fine with LED as they're not as overwhelming as reflectors. I currently use the Indicators, Reverse, number plate and boot light from autobeam. They're a fantastic upgrade if you have the money to spend. Using a different brand LED I bought on Amazon as I didn't hear about autobeam until quite a while after. The installation can be tricky on the rear lights and wing mirrors (if you plan on getting them as well). The rear lights has a plastic bolt screw that is removed by hand but is hard to get to if you have big hands and stiff to unscrew the very first time. A good advise is to put on some work gloves as it'll give you a better grip and reduce the pain in your fingers slightly. With the mirror bulbs it is best to remove the mirror to access the clips to push it out. Just be gentle though and not rashly pull out the mirror or it can break if you apply to much force. For fog lights they're back pain to install because the passenger side has the windscreen tank in the way. If you want to stay with halogen to go for osram nightbreaker 150% brightness. If you want LED then get autobeam h11 bulb as they have an external power cable for ease of installing. For guides search up Ash Holder on YT as he did a lot of nice installation videos for his mk7.5 fiesta and they helped me out when I changed my bulbs.
  6. Just installed a Mountune gearknob and now it looks to posh for the basic gaitor. Does anyone know a good one to buy and if the ST gaitor sold by Mountune fits mk7.5 ZS as I quite like the look of that one.
  7. Yeah fog lights require your side/parking/dipped beam headlights to be on to enable them. Unless you buy aftermarket LEDs that can be controlled via Bluetooth
  8. The rear ones never turn off for me. Drove for an hour and it stayed on until you manually turn it off just in case your rear view window and wing mirrors steam up I guess while windscreen turns off in 5 mins.
  9. Sorry I'm a bit of a newbie with the Acc term. Does that mean you turn on the car battery or literally the ignition on for 10 seconds? My car hasn't had auto stop/start kick in for almost half a year now.
  10. I tried fuse 42 but no power was going to my dashcam. I ended up using fuse 1 which operates ignition, auto wipers, heated seats and some other features. It powers up my dashcam before I turn the ignition on so literally works like my cigarette lighter socket where you turn on the battery and it feeds it power straight away. It's okay with this as when I turn the car off it'll turn off as well.
  11. Hey peeps, I need some assistance on hardwiring my dashcam. I don't know which fuse to use in my passenger compartment so that it powers on and off when the ignition is operation. I've had a look at some YT videos but most people use different fuses. So it's made me confused at which one to use and if it's safe to do them or not. I don't want a simple thing end up costing me money on fixing other problems if it goes upside down. I have a Zetec S mk7.5 model. Much appreciated!! 😀