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  1. Armrest

    Hello. I have exactly the same problem. Did you ever figure how to take the seat apart?
  2. 6000Cd Player.....anyone With One?

    It won't play MP3 CDs but you can buy an adapter kit that makes the player think it has a multichanger connected and so you can plug in an iPod or whatever. I bought one as per the post below and it took all of 20 seconds to fit (you will need the removal tool as well which you can get off ebay for a fiver) http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=8452&st=0&p=48933entry48933
  3. 2004 Focus Front Suspension Noise

    That thought will remain with me for life! Thanks mate :-) Actually Kwikfit did mention a drop link so I will check that out. Steve
  4. My 2004 Focus has just developed a creaking type noise at relatively low speed (presumably you simply can't hear it at higher speeds). I took it into KwikFit who acknowledge that there is a noise but can't see anything wrong. So I assume it is safe in that the springs, shockers etc are OK. But obviously I want it sorted. any idea where I should start looking for the problem? Thanks in advance Steve
  5. Soaking Wet Footwell Again!!

    It may sound a bit naff and old fashioned but the Citizens Advice Bureau are very good.
  6. Focus Replacement Key

    I need a backup key for my 2004 Focus (the barrel type key). I don't need the remote function on this key, just the mechanical part. Any idea where i can get one one at at what cost (note I am trying to avoid the mortgage-extending pricing that Ford will ask for!) Thanks in advance Steve
  7. AUX/iPod input for 6000 Audio?

    I just bought one of these. It took me all of 2 minutes to fit and it works great! Thanks for the tip. Steve
  8. 2000 Focus 2.0l Ghia - Coolant leak, but where?

    It is possible that the problem is related to you using the heater but another possibility is simply that you picked up a stone hole in the radiator. This could result in the leakage rate you describe. I would start by dropping a tin of RADWELD from Halfords (into the expansion tank. It's worth a fiver to try this first - it worked for me and is fine a year later. http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/...1&langId=-1
  9. AUX/iPod input for 6000 Audio?

    I want to connect my iPod into the 6000 audio fitted to a 2004 Focus Ghia. There is no direct input for Aux of course. I am quite happy to go inside the unit with a soldering iron if need-be and I am prepared to have the Aux input instead of the CD which I never use. Has anyone done this? I uploaded a piccy of the unit just to be clear whiich unit it is. Thanks Steve
  10. Focus clutch sqeaking

    When I change UP (not down seemingly) and very slightly mismatch the revs, there isa squeak/squeal as the clutch bites. If I change gear very gently it doesn't happen. And if I accelerate very hard it doesn't seem to happen either, although it could just be that it is very quick and I don't hear it. Generally it pulls well, doesn;t judder etc. So any ideas? Clutch plate? Thrust bearing? I read in another forum that WD40 might "do the trick" but I can't imagine what to do with the WD40 other than block my ears with it. The car has done 40000 miles, much of which has been town and it's a 5 years old 1.6 petrol. Thanks in advance for any thoughts, Steve
  11. The armrest (attached to the seat itself) will not rotate past the upright position. It will go backwards which is of minimal use but the rachet stops at the top. I can't see any way of getting it off, short of taking the seat out and ripping it apart. any ideas how I can get at the mechanism? Thanks in advance, Steve