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  1. So, its been fixed, got a new one, and asked for the old one just to make sure they changed them, wouldn`t be the first time you pay for something new and get a refurbished item.
  2. By a Ford garage nearby where I live in the Netherlands, for a new cruise control and 1 hour labour they are asking 112 euro`s, about 100 quid
  3. And how would you go about doing that?
  4. I`ve asked Ford for a quote to replace the cruise control switch.
  5. I have a Ford Fiesta mk7.5 Titanium EcoBoost 2014, sometimes whilst driving I like to switch on the CC, unfortunately by my car this is not one of the easiest things to do, I switch it on and press SET but no light on my dash, press OFF and then ON again still no light on dash, switch it OFF, while driving suddenly the CC light on the dash lights up, take my foot of the gas and the car slows down, so the CC is not set, weird or not? Sometimes I press ON and SET and it lights up on my dash and it works like a dream, but what I mentioned above happens quite a lot. Anyone got any ideas on whats wrong? Here in Holland they tell me the switch should be taken off the steering wheel and cleaned and vaseling put on the contacts, cannot understand why!! Ford said if I pay them €100 they would take a look and probably fit a new switch, at the time I thought thats a bit steep, but I am leaning towards this option, if I have something on my car I always want it to work, otherwise you might as well take it off. What do you guys think?
  6. I followed this (my battery was RED when I turned my contact on and NOT GREEN) system of yours and yo and behold it worked, went for a drive this afternoon and every time I stopped, took ik out of gear and released the accelerator the enging stopped. So (at the mo) it worked for my car, thanks man.
  7. What is ACC? Is it Adaptive Cruise Control? Is it possible to use this when standing still? I have Cruise control but that only works when my ford wants it too. I thought Adaptive Cruise Control is for the newer models from 2017 mine is 2014