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  1. Looks like it's just the car place Moterzone, least my post will be okay I sent registered Friday.

  2. Ford Streetka Covertable

    im confused as it only goes off once then stops no one seems to have any clues.
  3. think it's time to start running again, I need the adrenaline rush.

  4. Had the best coffee from Coffee Moi at Whitley Carboot, Yum Yum!

  5. anyone got any 2012 wall calenders they would like to giveaway.

  6. Emu Code P0420

    Wow thankyou this is taught me a lot, as soon as the wind dies down I will have a look. The car is running fine the only complaint I have is first thing on a morning when it's cold it seems to make what can only be deescribed as few clicking an sucking noises which disapear once the engine is warmed up. Thank you your a star. :)
  7. can't believe Gee Gibson is dunking dog biscuits in her wine!

  8. I got Amandas phone he he he she sat with her hand a under gel lamp. What fun shall I have

  9. Thats it! I am not going out untill 2012... !Removed! sale shoppers do my tree in.

  10. Emu Code P0420

    I reset the EML and it stayed off for a couple of months, It came back on again today so I have reset it again but need to know what I should check first. I noticed a bit of plastic came out of one of the ht leads when I was checking them, should I change the HT leads first.
  11. Emu Code P0420

    Catalyst Efficency Below Threshold Bank 1, any ideas what I should check first.
  12. great atmosphere at home tonight, if you can all it home.... wish I didn't have this ironing to do or I would be out!

  13. Morrissey on channel 2... perfect Saturday night!

  14. Can anyone think of a venue in this area that has a stage and can house 100+ people that isn't booked on December 2nd? This is for a charity event Dylan Charles Axup is putting on for Cancer Research - he's been double booked at his venue and desperately needs to find somewhere to house this event.

  15. sad day 2day at work going to miss that special person Lisa Gower. Xx