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  1. David1981 I used Word it said it could not edit it but it can. 👍
  2. I did exactly what you said at the end of April with no probs since, change the Vin# in the file to the donor cars Vin# and it works a treat now running Sync Software V3 and maps F8. The only thing I will say is that after updating to Maps F8 it took the Ford site 2 or 3 weeks to stop offering me the F8 maps update although it did say the maps were up to date!
  3. I have just upgraded from Sync 1 > Sync 3 then upgraded from software version 2.3 > 3 and then maps to F8 no probs except the speed of the Ford web site!
  4. Hi Everyone. I have a 2013 Focus mk3 ST3 can anyone tell me if it is possible to get the digital speedo as fitted to the Focus Face Lift mk3.5 to show up on my car and if so how do I do it. Ta
  5. Good Afternoon All. After updating from Sync 1 to Sync 3 a few weeks back I have noticed that when I’m in the car with the ignition off and I knock the indicator arm up or down the car gives a small beep! I have not thought much about this as it didn’t seem to do anything else other than beep, today while in the garage in the dark I noticed that if I pushed the indicator arm down the LED lights on the left hand side front and back came on and if I pushed it up the LED’s on the right side came on. I presume that this is some form of parking light! Has anybody else come across this as
  6. Hi Andrew. Just updated from Sync 3 version 2.3 to version 3 and then maps F7 to F8 hope this helps!
  7. Hi All. This morning I updated my Sync 3 system software to version 3 built 18025 everything was successful the log file was created on the USB stick in the “SyncMyRide” folder but when I take the USB stick back to my computer and go to the Ford site and try to upload the file all I get is Sorry, error, try again later! Well I have tried again latter frequently! Can anybody cast some light on this problem for me? Just had a look in the file that's I'm trying to upload and it has my cars Vin # in it, as I got the update with the donor cars Vin # do you think this could be the pr
  8. @Luke_Anderson OK this morning I have finished off all the FoCCCus settings as in your write up and also the ones I PMed you about in the week. I have taken it out for a spin and all seems good, well almost everything. I have a problem when the radio is on at the same time as the satnav the radio does not auto mute when the satnav gives instructions, when a phone call comes in it does auto mute the radio! The other thing is the Dual Zone Climate control does not show up on the screen, I have goggled this one and there seems many different ways to get it to show on screen, what w
  9. Hi Everyone. I have a 2013 Focus mk3 ST3 can anyone tell me if it is possible to get the digital speedo as fitted to the Focus Face Lift mk3.5 to show up on my car and if so how do I do it. Ta
  10. @Luke_Anderson Hello again. OK today I got on the Fun Part as you describe it; I used Forscan and wrote the ***** Built Data from a 2018 Focus ST3 same as mine but newer, all seemed to work fine as when I cycled the ignition the splash screen had change from Ford to ST Performance. Next I moved on to FoCCCus to make the changes as in your write up lines 125, 154, 157,172 all OK. But line 123 has only 2 entries in it NOT SET and UNKNOWN both show up as 00? Next line 214 this line only has 08 entries available so could only enter the 09 value? Can you give me any guid
  11. @Luke_Anderson Thanks for the swift response this morning, as you can see from the picture I have had quite a good day today.😊 I have noticed from the setting that it has already picked up my cars VIN # where did it get that from? And will it be a problem when I get round to updating Sync as it on version 2.3 and I will need to put in the donor cars VIN # to update it. One other thing on the back of the ACM there are 2 Fakra connectors a Black and a White I know one is for the GPS antenna on the roof, which one is which and what is the second one for?
  12. @Luke_Anderson Sync 1 > 3 Conversion. I have just gone to move the 2 MM-CAN wires from FCDIM Connector Pins 4 and 5 > Pins 7 and 4 of the Push Button Panel, as you can see from my picture of the Push Button Panel Connector Pin # 4 is vacant and pin # 7 has a Yellow going to it! Do I remove the yellow wire Pin # 7 from the connector and tape it up out of the way or do I need to splice into it? Thanks Rog
  13. Hi Guys. Just a quick heads up for anybody that can’t find out how to enter a Reg # into the Ford Etis Site to obtain a VIN # so they can get hold of the As Built Data from www.motorcraftservice.com 1. 1. Enter your own VIN # into Vehicle Lookup. 2. 2. Press SEARCH. 3. 3. Go to Vehicle Summary and at the bottom of the box click “here” and change the country to United Kingdom press UPDATE. 4. 4. Go to Vehicle Lookup again and enter the Reg # of the vehicle you wish to find the As Built Data for. 5. 5. Press SEARCH and you’ve done it.
  14. @pragmatix https://www.advanced-incar.co.uk/2017/03/09/keyless-entry-obd-port-theft-protect/
  15. @pragmatix The one that states the OBD port must be live at all times!
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