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  1. Ok folk I have replaced the original ford diesel fuel filter with a vw diesel filter. I want to replace the fuel hose from the fuel filter to the fuel pump with 8mm rubber hosing. Can anyone advise how the original fuel piping is connected to the pump before I go ripping it off and destroying something. I have included a pic with the said pump fitting circled. Can I cut it of and with it leave a tail for me to clamp a new pipe on to? cheers.
  2. Is all the 1.8 tdci engine chain? Are you a weekend mechanic like myself? Just wondering how hard it is and if any special tools needed? I just spent 3 hours changing rear axle bushes with no special tools only a mini digger as a press!!!
  3. Quick question, I’m looking to get a wire or fuse that I can link in to, to give me a power supply only when the ignition is turned on and no power when switched off? Thanks.
  4. Thanks williamweb all advice is greatly appreciated 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  5. F0cue thanks for your reply, if I buy 2 front lower arms as pictured and the bush for the trail arm as pictured would that cover all the faults on the failure notice? Also do you know if the trail arm bush is hard to replace, do I need any special tools? Or just brute force lol.
  6. My 2007, 1.8 tdci focus failed mot this morning (Northern Ireland) attached is the fail reason. Forget about the wheel nuts but I’m wondering if I buy 2 new lower front arms £53 of eBay would they solve most of the failure issues? And what is the rear joint failure on the sheet. plus does anyone know if these cars are 18mm or 21mm lower ball joints if I was to order them. reg is Ce57ext cheers.
  7. Has anyone changed the fuel lines on a 1.8 tdci? How would I figure out where an air leak would be in the system and if i had to change the fuel lines how do I go about it?
  8. Thought I had this solved as being a sticking egr valve to which I fitted a block of plate and all good then went for a day and stopped again. I now think it’s the crank position sensor. Which sensor is best to use as a replacement and any tips on fitting it for gap etc. Also does it need programming into the system?
  9. Hi yes I have checked for fault codes and nothing? Although my reader is a fairly cheap one at 50 quid. My friend is going to lend me his professional one tomorrow to make sure but as yet no codes?
  10. Hi, my 2007 Ford Focus 1.8 tdci (105000 miles) didn’t want to start yesterday. I thought it was maybe a dirty fuel filter so changed it but it still just turned over. I read about the air in the fuel posts so I bleed the fuel system and made sure the car was getting fuel from tank to injector pump ( I used a compressor brake bleeder to pull the fuel through to the filter and made sure the filter housing is full) and I also injected fuel down the pipe to the high pressure injector pump. I also fitted a hand bleed pump in line from the tank to the filter housing. The car now turns over, kicks in
  11. Hi, My name is Roger I have a late 2007 focus 1.8tdci and I’m looking information on changing the clutch. Should I change the dual mass flywheel or not and what type of transmission fluid do I use and how much? If dual ***** is advisable would I be better pulling in a solid state flywheel as I can sent the clutch I have back? Car has just turned 100k and I plan to start this over the next week so will pop in for more info. thanks.
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