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  1. Yeah checked this, thanks! I've sorted the boot/rear light leak thanks to another post on here 👍🏼
  2. Good idea, just ordered some!
  3. I have a 2014 MK3 (pre-facelift) Focus and everytime I get in the car, the windscreen has condensation on the inside. It's never on any other window, just the front window. I don't have liquids, damp things, or anything obvious that's causing it. Has anyone had this, is it common for a particular seal to fail or anything?
  4. I have a 1.6 (182) mk3 focus and the clutch biting point is fairly high. Is this normal for the mk3? To make it a little stiffer, or to change the biting point, is that a whole new clutch or can something else be done? Also, its pretty rare but every now and again when I pull away, it makes a rubbing noise....
  5. I recently used Forscan to diagnose a few faults on my Focus Mk3. I've heard that you can alter various settings using the software so wondered if there were any recommended changes out there?
  6. Cracking, thanks! The wires are easily accessible so that's a good start. Without sounding like a complete noob what are the next steps to bridging it with a paperclip. I assume you cut the wires then tape them up, where does the paperclip go though? Thanks again for your help. In case you hadn't guessed, i'm not great at this stuff 🙂
  7. Wow, you're a legend. Instructions were bang on! It was the 'hood ajar' that's set the alarm off the last 5 times! All other sensors seem fine. Looks like I know what the problem is!! Thanks for the detailed answer, much appreciated! Just need to research how to sort it now but I think I've seen others with the same issue.
  8. i've got a the forscan software now as well as a relevant ecu adaptor. What tests do i need to do to check the alarm logs? There's so much on here!
  9. Yeah, my bluefin diagnostic didnt' show anything up, so i'm guessing it's a trip to ford...sadly Thanks, i've disabled this now so fingers crossed it's just an internal sensor that's playing up. I need some sleep!!
  10. So, it's 3am and my car alarm has gone off 3 times tonight, waking me up (not in a nice way!). There's nobody around so is there a reason for this? Also, considering its the middle of the night is there anyway I can just lock my car but not activate the alarm?! I need a quick fix. It's a 2014 focus mk3 (pre face-lift)