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  1. Hi All So only the passenger side of mine clears. This seems to have been mentioned a few times but for the life of me I cannot find it for the Mark 7! Also there seems to be a number os possibilities the fuse & wiring being the top cuplrits? Is this right and if so does anyone know which fuses and where I should check the wiring please? Thanks for reading and I would be most grateful for any help you can give please.
  2. Thanks Tom, I could probably reach under but do not have a multimeter. The garage said there was current getting to the fan but I am taking that with a pinch of salt as it went in there with a knocking noie, they've done the spring but gave it back with the same knocking!
  3. Strangely I went over a speed bump & it started working again for a bit but then when I hanged the speed it stopped completely. Does this sound like the motor needs replacing then or could it be something else?
  4. So I spoke to garage and they're sure it's blower motor as power was getting to it. Strangely enough hit pot hole last night and it came on for a bit, not long though! So need to replace that, any advice would gratefully received
  5. Course, can't believe I didn't think of that! Thing I find strange is it worked intermittently with the original resistor but not at all with the new one
  6. Edit: it was the resistor I changed not the capacitor as I put on the op
  7. Thanks Tom. I think with the Mk 7 you have to remove the pedals and part of steering column as its on drivers side from what I've seen so far on YouTube that is! May change the relay & keep my fingers crossed just in case!?!?
  8. Hi all So further to my previous post I have replaced the capacitor again and still nothing, went into garage for coil spring and they said ours the blower motor which is a right royal pain in the.... to do and they won't do it. Before I try and find someone else just wanted to double check if there's anything else it could be? Fault was that the heaters would work intermittently, usually when the car started and would stop after a bit. It didn't matter what seeing they were on, I know with capacitor fault they'd often only work on 4 but changed it in case, then they stopped working at all! It's a 2011 1.4 diesel Style+. Also the drivers side of the heated window doesn't work but I don't suppose that's linked. Thanks for reading 👍
  9. Ah, there may be the problem! There is no lid. Also I haven't put the old resistor back in as wanted to try fuses first as less of a pain!
  10. Hi all Got a 2009 1.4TDCi and heater is playing up. Initially it would just work for a minute or 2 when engine started and would then stop, when I say work I mean just blow air & not hot/cold etc. Having had a quick read I ordered a resistor from the bay & fitted that but now it does not even turn on at all! Had a quick look in the fuse box but unfortunately the manual does not seem to have a layout of the box & just has a list of the numbers/fuses so could not make head nor tail of it! Also the box looks quite bare (pic attached). Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks