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  1. 180 titanium X short journeys getting 30mpg and 40mpg on a run only done 11000 miles hope it gets better but from what i have read it wont by much, coming from a VW touran same journeys 48mpg short runs and 60mpg on long runs, not 4x4 or as heavy but better engine (maybe not on the emissions lol) Kuga was never going to be as good on fuel as the Touran but i thought it would be slightly better, still a good car for what we wanted. seem to get 5mpg better (35mpg and 45mpg) on shell V power diesel but only use that every 4 or 5 fill ups for the cleaning agents too expensive to use every fill up.
  2. bad service common these days unfortunatel, i have been having some issues with streaming and usb connection to my iphone trying to play music but no issues with calls, reset and seems to be ok for now.
  3. I got this one from amazon as i have dogs in the boot, it doesnt cover the back of the seats but i have a full boot liner for that. it is good quality but no fixings at the bottom just covers the seats Mr E Saver Premium Quilted Pet Dog Cat Hammock Rear Seat Cover Protector MRE551
  4. 2015 Titanium X manual 180d short journies average 32mpg 46 on a run hoping it gets better only done 11000 miles
  5. hi @Bannko newbie looking for the sync 2 sat nav upgade details please (not sure if you are still providing this). We have had our kuga a few months strange thing, it was advertised as a titanium sport but when we viewed the car it was a titanium X not a sport but V5 and reg check and DVLA check showed sport. Worked out a deal to buy it at a much reduced price but missing the sport goodies including nav. any help appriciated. thanks