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  1. Oh it has my heart for sure, everytime I see it around; but gets to my head when I think about the financials of it. I'm from Cape Town, so the ST isn't the most stolen car. Possibly one of the least, as I never really hear about them being stolen. Maybe in Johannesburg yes, but not CPT. Most stolen cars here are VW's I'd say. The VW GTI's are the ST's over here (popularity wise).
  2. The insurance I know for sure will be more costly. I'd really like to someday upgrade to an ST, so just trying to do a bit of research first before just jumping into something like that. So what you're saying makes sense. It's something to think about.
  3. Hello All, I'm not really clued up on this and need an opinion. Is it worth it/are there any pros or cons going from a 2017 first registered fiesta 1.4 duratec, with about 54 000km, to a 2013 first registered ST with like 80 000km for example (not that exact, just using as an example). Thanks, as always.
  4. Thanks all of you! This feels like such a tough decision to make, but all your suggestions has been very helpful. 😊
  5. All these blues are lovely, however, would they suit well with deep impact blue though? Thoughts?
  6. That's actually nice 👌
  7. Agreed, but he's looks colour matched to his car, so maybe colour match to mine?
  8. Nardo grey? Hmmm. Here's a pic of the alloy as a reference..
  9. Hmm, I'm liking the colour match on both 🤔
  10. Hiii, I'm looking to spray my calipers, just don't know what colour to go for. The colour of my car is deep impact blue. I don't wanna go for red.. I was thinking of yellow? Anyone have thoughts on that or suggestions that'll better? 🙂 Also to mention I have black alloys.
  11. Hello, Can wind deflectors stated for 3 door fit on a 5 door? Thank you.
  12. Thank you for this info. Super helpful 😊
  13. Hey, I didnt meant the wheels with sit further back, I just meant with it being lowered, the rolled arches will sit flush with the wheels. I was looking into Eiback pros yes. Won't the standard shocks wear off quicker though with lowered springs?
  14. Hello, I'm looking to get my car lowered, please note that I don't have any other performance upgrades. This is also on my daily. I have alloys that stand out slightly with the OEM springs so if I were to lower the car slightly, the arches will then sit more flush with the wheels, and look much better. That said, based on the fact that this is my daily, I'm not looking to ever take to the track etc, which would work better? Lowering springs with upgraded/factory shocks or coilovers? Just trying to do some proper research before jumping into anything. Thank you!
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