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  1. Zee_3

    Speaker Size

    I've just had all my wires spliced instead, in order to retain factory speakers when/if ever needed.
  2. Zee_3

    Speaker Size

    Good to know! Thank you!!
  3. Zee_3

    Speaker Size

    Hey, I see those are front. I have my fronts upgraded already with a split system. Upgrading the back this week. So just needed to confirm the back size.
  4. Zee_3

    Speaker Size

    Hey! *****, I should've mentioned I have a fiesta MK 7. But thank you, this does help however!
  5. Hello, Anyone here upgrade factory sound, perhaps know the size of the back speakers? Around 6.5"? Thanks!
  6. Hello, My front interior light isn't working and want to start with checking the fuse. Looking at the manual, I can't for the life of me tell which number fuse is for the front interior light. Can anyone shed some light on this please? MK7 Edit: just found out that it would be under dome lamp. Fuse 1 7.5A
  7. Zee_3


    Yeah honestly it's doing my head in just looking at it like that! I'll fiddle around and see what I can do about it and get back with possible updates.
  8. Zee_3


    Okay thanks, I'll the zip tie method, thinking that's an easy fix. Since it's not visible. Thank you!
  9. Update. It was actually the bushes that needed replacing, which is now sorted!
  10. Zee_3


    Hey, Can anyone tell me how I can make the part in the attached images more secure? (under the cubbyhole) As you can see it's coming out a bit more and more. Thanks!
  11. I never go fast over a speed bump; but thanks all for the info, much appreciated!
  12. It was storming yes, so that could be why? But other than that, do you see any issues with that? I mean do you think it should get looked at?
  13. Hello, While driving tonight, when going over speed bumps, the front end makes like a squish sound when wheels go up and again when it comes off of the hump. Basically the going up and down. Does anyone know where it may come from? The sound I mean. 2017 Fiesta Thanks in advance.
  14. I'm not sure if anyone has experienced this before or may know how to fix it but this morning the vents/vent dials just stopped working normally. For example, if I put the fan speed on, then turn the dial for the windscreen vents to open alone, the dial pops back and doesn't want to stay on the windscreen option and goes back to windscreen and leg option. If I somehow make it stay at the windscreen option and change the temperature dial to coldest, the vent dial pops back to the windscreen/leg option. This is a MK7 Fiesta. Any help here would be greatly appreciated