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  1. ok heres the deal, head lights working fine, break lights and indicators working fine, however my dashbord / interor lights not working, tail lights not working, reverse light not working, rear number plate lights not working.. I checked all fuses not problems with fuses, check all the bulbs, no blown bulbs apart from the number plate bulb, when i took the bulb out the all those problems was gone, then without even having the put a new bulb in the problem came back... why is this happening?
  2. Ford Instruction Mauals

    thanks for sharing the link.
  3. Minor detail ..

    lol some girls knows more then us man, hehe. anyways if its a 04 plate then its mk5 not 6! if it is 05 plate then its again mk5.. 2008 and 2009 is mk6.
  4. Redex

    what type of fuel does your car use, disael or petrol? I think it is worth your while weather it is a petrol or not. Redex is the best brand i think as it has a good research laboratory and are a very old company with a very good reputation. It is worth your while and money as it would be lot cheaper than having the injectors taken out and cleaned when there clogged because you never bothered with such products such as redex.
  5. If you put your keys in and turn, will the battery and other lights come on? or is your battery fully dead. if it is fully flat battery then i advise you charge your battery at least 15 hours, if not and you have some life in your battery then try jump starting it, i dont think it would do any damage. after connecting the leads to both cars let one car run for 4mins and as your trying to start it make sure the other car is reving. this would be your best bet. drive the car around for about 45mins so it charges the battery up again.
  6. In my instance it was the throttle position sensor that was faulty, however however not sure if its the same for you.
  7. Broken :(

    Is it the cable that has snaped / broke or the metal bit under the bonnet? if it is the cable then do you know which end is broke?
  8. Hi wellzy, The relay is in the box under the bonnet in the right corner, it is relay number 10 as you look down on the relays and fuse's its on the back row to the right of the yellow relay and its fuse 36 which is the top fuse of the ones at 90deg to the normal looking fuses.

    I was just thinking of that!
  10. Which one is better? (Ford)

    I say fiesta, there cheap to run, loads of space and drives better then a ka in my opinion. As for ka, driving a ka for me feels like driving an old fiat 500. <_< ford ka's have superb fuel economy, well more superb then a fiesta anyways however its just not my choice. I would advise fiesta.
  11. Retro-fitting Ford CD Player

    Hi mate, i had the same problem, took the car with me to halfords, they sold me a adaptor, and also fittied it on for me for free.. the adaptor cost me £23.95 though!
  12. Hi

    as a ford owner i looked around whole of ford owners clubs and forums and decided this would be the best forum for me to stick with. so hello all! ;)