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  1. Sorry I have no answer to the bonnet lock problem but would you mind telling me how much you paid for a new air con condenser to be fitted? My aircon hasn't worked since buying the car, changed fuses & relays but no joy. Thanks
  2. Update - all sorted. Went to my local Timpsons (as I sort of know them through work) and was directed to Steve at the Culverhouse Cross branch. Extremely helpful bloke, replaced the top half of my key with an old one (with its original transponder) he had lying around as he had no mini glass transponders in stock and the grey plastic type wouldn't fit in my eBay key. Recoded it to my car with his diagnostic tool. Only cost me £50, he did say that its usually £80 but because he had a spare 2nd hand transponder he would do me a deal. Cannot recommend him highly enough, other people were arriving whilst I was there having been directed to him from other Timpsons branches as "the car key expert". If you are in the Cardiff area then you cannot go wrong. Apparently he also cobbles a cracking shoe. Cheers 🙂
  3. thanks, ill carry the working remote fob and the master until I sort this out. Will update with prices etc when I do. I got rid of a money-pit 2002 BWW 330d sport after 18 months of pain for a reliable Ford then threw away the key after a month 🙂 - cheers
  4. Thanks again for your help, new to the forum and appreciate it. Will seek out a decent auto keysmith, assume its ok to just carry on using the master key for the time being?
  5. this is new ebay fob and my original master,
  6. that doesn't quite look the same as my old key, def nothing left in the battery section before I binned it and the battery connections look quite different.. I couldn't pop open the key blade section so ended up twisting the blade out with 2 pairs of mole grips and ruining the plastic. I am a plum. Any other day I could have fished it out of the bin and all would be good. The chip you have there is on ebay for £8 so may give it a try, hoping the 4 turn in 10 sec method will allow it to be reset. Thanks, ill update
  7. Great. Thanks for your help though mate - saved me another hour sat in the car repeating the same procedure over and over. Just been through the kitchen bin but to no avail, must have chucked it in the recycling instead - assume it was hidden in the part that holds the key blade as it was a bugger to open and ended up breaking it. Is it the glass type chip do you know? £5 on eBay. Cheers
  8. Is the chip not on the circuit board? I binned the old case and today was bin day??!!
  9. Hi, I have a similar problem. I have a 3 button key that worked fine but was very tatty and the original no button master key. Ive swapped out the internals of the remote key for a new case from ebay (£3). it works fine to remotely open/lock doors etc but will not start the engine. the master key still does. Ive tried the 4 quick turns in 10 secs to program the buttons but it will not deactive the immobiliser? focus 1.6 2008. cheers