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  1. what number is the fuse for the front heated windscreen on a ford focus 2009 1.8 tdci titanium? I can't seem to find it. Windscreen won't defrost anymore so thought I'd start there before going nuts. Please can someone tell me which one it is and not guess? Thanks ladies and gents
  2. Guys it was a split hose, tdci Peter it was the one on the inlet manifold. About a 2 inch split, sorted for now with some silicone tape followed by a round of insulation tape. It's a temporary fix but my mechanic says it will last for a ***** long time. Thanks everyone for your sound advice, it really has been appreciated loads.
  3. Thanks guys I really appreciate you pointing me a good direction. I might just set it on fire however
  4. Whilst driving home tonight and accelerating it was obviously still making the noise, got to 65 (really slowly as well) and it flashed up engine malfunction. I've not had that before. Also it just didn't have any power or acceleration at all at some points, like the fuel wasn't being burnt properly. I put 40 pounds worth of fuel in yesterday, enough for 500 miles I've done 70 since then and the car has lost over a 100 miles of fuel. Do you think this is all linked? Sorry to ask so much, I'm a bit screwed and desperate here. Thanks
  5. It's a 1.8 tdci. Good guess there Matt92. My guess is its turbo related because I'm now losing power intermittently. Not sure about the air filter.
  6. Hi everyone, when I accelerate and move through the gears I get what sounds like a huge intake of air until I stop accelerating. When I hit my desired speed the sound stops completely and I get the usual driving/engine noise. Any ideas what this could be and how easy and cheaply I can get it sorted? I'm no kind of mechanic so please go easy on me. Thanks in advance.
  7. Someone smashed my mirror off today and it's totalled a write off. I want to fit a new one myself but have never tried before. Is it easy and what tools exactly would I need?