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  1. Would really appreciate the help mate! Got exactly the same problem and can’t fix it!
  2. Replaced all airbags and airbag control module in my ford fiesta zetec s 2009 after having front end crash. Plugged car in via usb obd port and am betting U2012:95-8A come up? What could this be! Someone help!
  3. Ever fix this code mate? Ive replaced all mine and have loads of codes
  4. The actuator does move slightly, when the car is off the actuator pushes out and then when the engine is on it sucks the rod coming out of it in. So im guessing it works... to some extent. Might replace it anyway and hope that jt sorts it. It makes horrible creaking noises if i push and pull it so thinking its just old and knackered
  5. Just bought myself a bluetooth obd reader to check the engine code so i will see what it says.
  6. Got these two codes what do they mean?? dt5t60 and dt02c2
  7. Would the actuator not working quite right cause my boost pressure to be low at high rpm and speed though? Because my car is completely fine until i get to around 70-90mph (it sometimes differs) and then it will just go into limp mode and i have to stop completely and turn the car off for it to reset
  8. You can get new actuators for around £40 so will buy one of them. The one on the car now moves but it seems to slowly return? Like if you push it in it is slow to return back to the closed position. I don’t think there is a position sensor because its a vacuum actuator but i might be wrong. I checked most of the lines that i could they all seemed to be fine.
  9. Could the turbo actuator be causing this problem? Might replace the actuator and see if this fixes the problem
  10. Not found any splits in any pipes anywhere and taken the maf out and cleaned it and still got the problem🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  11. One of the clips on the breather pipe between the crankcase and the air intake so there is a bit of oil leaking out, could this cause a boosy leak in the system?
  12. Yes okay i will check the MAP sensor as my car seems to run perfect in lower gears and at lower speed but when i get to 4th or 5th around 70/80mph it just stops boosting and goes into limp mode. Meaning i have to turn the car on and off to reset it. I went out for a test run with the guy who remapped my car and he had his computer plugged in and it came back as underboosting and the only thing he could suggest was a boost leak somewhere.
  13. I had this problem and i changed the turbo pressure valve on the back of the engine and the problem still occured what else could i look for?
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