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  1. Hi all. So back in 2016 I jumped into a ridiculously expensive finance car. A mk2. 5 focus before face lift. Any hoot after owning for a year I realised I was paying way to much for it £4880 for 2008 focus with 90k miles and no history. I gave it back to the finance company but I still have to pay 2k of it off. Anyway the company said they was going to do repairs on it and believe me it needed some repairs, me expecting the repair costs but nothing and no mention of the repairs. I checked the mot history on and I passed an mot with no advisories BUT!!!! AND THIS IS WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING! ONLY two months after it passed an mot with NO advisories it failed an MoT on damages I did and knew about it. So I am asking if anyone knows the reg MF08NUA and could we have a chat because I feel like I originally got ripped off and why am I still paying 2k for a car I no longer own and how can a "trusted car finance company" do something illigal like this? Sent from my F8331 using Tapatalk
  2. Washing and polishing your car then bird craps on it! People asking will you do my next while washing your car...was funny the first time I heard it not the 10th Old woman banging their hand bag against your car while walking past it. When a kid presses the crossing button then running off without wanting to cross. When some one at a filling station decides to do take their time deciding what drink and chocolate to buy and making you wait 20 minutes Sent from my F8331 using Tapatalk
  3. For me I would love a Capri mk1 rs3100. I absolutely adore that car. First found my love for capris back in 2005 when my dad bought a mk3 1.6 with I belive was the pinto engine. He had got for a steal price of £50 and back then had 10 months mot and 10months tax. But very sadly was taken to scrap, reasons was my dad lost his licence then local boys was wanting it off him to put in the demolition derby and he didn't want to see the car being driven with out him behind the wheel. To this day I still don't fogive him for scraping it. But there are many many other classic ford's I would dream of owning... Ford escort cosworth Sierra cosworth Xr3i Xr2i Escort mk1 + mk2 Mk1 transit Cortina Anglia Mk1+2 Granada Scorpio Hillman imp Sent from my F8331 using Tapatalk
  4. They don't make music like they used to. I'm an early 90's child so growing up through that eara when music was changing drastically into crap pop. my dad was always playing the 80's rock during long travelling, it's nice to have those memories while living in the past Sent from my F8331 using Tapatalk
  5. Sorry search The Car Key Man Sent from my F8331 using Tapatalk
  6. Have a look on YouTube on The key man. Not sure if he has a vid for your benefit, I used him to program my key fob to my mk3 mondeo. I hope this helps Sent from my F8331 using Tapatalk
  7. A mixture of songs really. From 80's rock ballads up through to some modern songs from the likes of Rag'n'bone man, bad wolves, earosmith, def leopard and into some Eminem and stormzy. Got 1000 songs on my Spotify play list and just put them on shuffle. Sent from my F8331 using Tapatalk
  8. Hi Dave. Hope this would help. There is a great Web site I've come across that is called, it tells you your car in detail and information about it. Sent from my F8331 using Tapatalk
  9. Good early morning folk's. I have an issue with my mk3 Mondeo hatchback. I purchased it back in September 18, has knocking in front n/s when driven over bumps. Was told it was drop links but then later discovered it wasn't after changing them to new ones and that it's bottom arm Bush has gone. Any ways... lately I now have a knocking noise on front n/s when I steer in either slow driving (10mph or less) or when stationary, knowing the focus mk2 has a stearing rack problems I am assuming it's the same or similar or is there anything I should be looking into that could be a problem? Cheers guys Sent from my F8331 using Tapatalk