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  1. Soldered the spliced wire and all works fine, that will teach me for using a scotch lock, apim programmed and added a reverse camera while I was there, all working as it should apart from the climate control on the sync is backwards for some reason but it all works. And I couldn’t get focccus to connect to my car just comes up with some error and sends my koogs nuts till I unplug it all
  2. ill go give it a go shortly, hopefully that will sort it, also how do you connect focccus to the car and save a backup before I make any changes ?
  3. Come from sync 1 to sync 3, on a kuga though, so pre facelift, I have run 2 wires from the FCDIM connector, 1 is a new connection in the button panel plug and the other is spliced into another wire, maybe its the scotch block I used to splice it, ill have to do it properly and solder it to see if it makes any difference, as for the ACM plugs the wires that need changing are not in either plug
  4. also I haven't used focccus to make the other changes, never used it before, how do I connect it to the car ??
  5. Help needed,!! Right today spent the day fitting sync 3, everything seems to be working ok apart from the button panel, none of the buttons work apart from the hazards and the lock door led, everything else is dead, any suggestions ? sync 3 pin 51 and 52, I don't have the wires in the FCDIM to connect this up, is that a problem ? moving the 2 wires from the ACM main plug to the ACM accessories plug, again the wires are not there, ? programmed the apim and all seems to work ok, I think, the vin number the system displays is my car but shouldn't this change when changing the as built data? how do I get the nav directions on my display on my dials? car play, voice control, steering wheel controls all seem to be working ok hopefully someone can help
  6. when searching for a donor car for the as built data does the donor have to be the same spec as what I already have in my current car ? would it matter to much if the donor car has a few more extras than mine or will this bugger it up? also I'm going to add an after market reversing camera whilst I have it all in bits, does the as built data have to include the camera or is it easy enough to just make the changes in forescan ?
  7. On the back of the apim why do some modules have 2 mini usb input (white and black plug) and some only have the one (black) what are they both for ?
  8. Do you still have the media hub and loom for the kuga ? as I am in need, just about to take the plunge and upgrade my kuga from sync 1 to sync 3
  9. ok silly question time, any idea what the bracket is called that holds everything in ??
  10. Hi all, what a great thread this is, I have been thinking of doing this upgrade since I bought my new to me car in January. I haven't got a focus but a Mk 2 Kuga titanium 65 plate, Few questions though, how does the new 8" screen attach to the dash as its double the size of the sync 1 screen? Has anyone ever done this on a Kuga ? as when doing this upgrade the CD player and screen swap positions so CD player is on top and screen under the CD player. how does all of this fit in different places? or do I have to change the "bracket" it all attaches to? Hopefully someone can help before I spent a lot of money