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  1. On the back of the apim why do some modules have 2 mini usb input (white and black plug) and some only have the one (black) what are they both for ?
  2. Do you still have the media hub and loom for the kuga ? as I am in need, just about to take the plunge and upgrade my kuga from sync 1 to sync 3
  3. ok silly question time, any idea what the bracket is called that holds everything in ??
  4. Hi all, what a great thread this is, I have been thinking of doing this upgrade since I bought my new to me car in January. I haven't got a focus but a Mk 2 Kuga titanium 65 plate, Few questions though, how does the new 8" screen attach to the dash as its double the size of the sync 1 screen? Has anyone ever done this on a Kuga ? as when doing this upgrade the CD player and screen swap positions so CD player is on top and screen under the CD player. how does all of this fit in different places? or do I have to change the "bracket" it all attaches to? Hopefully someone can help before I spent a lot of money