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  1. My 2012 Fiesta wouldn't start a few weeks ago. Not sure if it's the original battery or not (will ask my dad as it was his car, when I skype next time!). Not too many short journeys. Trip to work is 20mins one way before lockdown. I was using the usb port for music from an sd card and kept plugged in (obviously car turned off when not in car). I'm paranoid it was draining the battery. I haven't used the usb port since!
  2. Ford focus 2006 to Fiesta 2012. 😂
  3. I charged the battery while it was still in the car. From the tutorials I viewed, it showed the battery still in the car so I presumed this was ok and didn't disconnect anything. Was that ok? My dad said I should have disconnected it as it damages the car. Any thoughts?
  4. The 4 might be the amp? My understanding of volts and amps could do with a refresher. What's the best car battery charger to get? I'm hoping for around £20 or less and delivery asap in case it happens again or should I be ok with a 1.75hr charge for a while? (Presuming there's no major issue).
  5. It would be a bit tricky. I have a drive which dips a bit towards the house and then a public drive after the gates. I'd have to push the car backwards to across the road and then push the car forward I believe. After an hour and three quarters I tried again and got it started and got back with a trip to the ASDA petrol self service petrol station. Not sure about connections or state of battery. I do do a few short trips so going to buy a car battery charger. I've just bough some jump leads as well to keep in car also.
  6. Ta. Just tried it now (1 hour) and nearly started. Trying to get to ASDA (30min trip and shuts at 4pm). I'll give it another hour.
  7. How long should I charge the car battery for to get it going? I'm borrowing a neighbours 4v charger?
  8. Having same issue. Haven't used car for about 3 days. When you rock the car, do you have the car turned off? *Ignore that. Didn't read properly.
  9. If the power is staying on for an hour but the car is not running, would that not use up battery power? I very occasionaly have the power on after turning off the car if I'm waiting in the car but would turn the power button on manually otherwise would turn off automatically after a couple of mins (for lighting to help get out of the car). It's a bit confusing as you think you've left the power on. I Prefered my 07 Focus which turned everything off straight away.
  10. Thanks. Is there anything that would draw power if plugged in but the car was fully turned off?
  11. Probs a stupid question but I'm using a micro sd card reader with sd card connected to usb lead and usb port. Is it ok to leave in the port when car is turned off? (as in it wouldn't drain the battery). My memory stick appears knackered and quicker than using bluetooth with phone so doing it this way. Any info gratefully appreciated.
  12. Thanks. It must be broke! I got the car from my dad who drives at snail pace and I drive down 70mph roads for most of my journeys. Had the car for about a month and not long MOT.
  13. Hi. What's the 19mph mean under the temp? It stays on this when driving. Thanks in advance. Craig.
  14. I gave it a bang and also blew around the sides. It now works. Thanks. I did have a little go at trying to take the panel off. Glad I didn't after watching an auto repair video stating you have to disconnect the battery first which makes sense.
  15. I'm using a USB memory stick with songs I downloaded to. Some songs are quite different in volume levels and having a previous Focus, it had the volume next to the wheel or a big dial so it's a big change and a lot more fiddly. It seems more like a settings thing but could be wrong.