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  1. Greased the rear of my lights went out the day after to check as it hammered down with rain all night and the spare wheel well was dry as a bone so with a bit of luck that’s solved the problem but will keep checking thanks for your help Wes
  2. Insulation was a little bit damp but not soaking but I will take on board your advice and give it a go many thanks for replying I’ll let you know how it goes
  3. Hi guys I’ve read the this thread as I also have water coming into my mk3 Ford Focus I’ve done what you’ve said and pulled the gromits out on both sides but no water came out I’ve checked the spare wheel well and it’s full of water now I’m stumped to be honest as to where the water could be coming in do I still pull the bumper off and seal the vents or is there no point if there’s no water in the cavity pockets behind them