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  1. Lenny must have packaged it
  2. Wouldnt reach the back of the fridge never mind any other crevice
  3. See you are an under toaster maker !!!!!!!! And whats the point in measuring the bread, ull only say its 8inchs when its clearly not
  4. Lenny doesnt do toast, he likes warm bread!
  5. Xxs should fit ye, lenny has two in the wardrobe that he hasnt worn in a while, give me a shout & il post them over to ye
  6. Role play, like barbie & ken lol Lenny loves victoria the sensible mammy version
  7. Hi wes Its tori or vicki mood depending 😉
  8. Thanks tom, an extension would be a great idea, save me from running out to the shed in my pjs to get his boxers outta the dryer, im always afraid a fereral cat will attack me