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  1. I think my socket is faulty and needs to be replaced. The fuse was blown so I swapped it and then when I tested the lighter, it popped and now it's dead again. Are the lighters universal across all cars or do I need to look for one specifically for my Fiesta? They're pretty cheap but I wanna be sure to buy the right one before I start taking the center console apart.
  2. Unfortunately the park lights do stay activated. If I open the drivers door, it'll even start beeping. I probably wont be modifying the car to have the lights turn on automatically at ignition. For now I just have a sticky note as a reminder. It's a bit of an inconvenience.
  3. Says in the manual that to use the automatic headlights, I have to turn my headlights on/off within 2sec. I haven't tried it yet. My car has slightly different controls from the manual. No "AUTO" switch and no front fog lights among a couple of other missing features. I tried leaving the lights on and removing the key. The headlights turn off but the indicator stays on. My wife said that position lights stay on. I wasn't able to see them clearly during the day so I'll have to double-check tonight about the park lights. I have no idea how auto-wipers work either. The manual just says that when the feature is enabled, it will automatically wipe when it detects raindrops on the windshield. It doesn't explain how to enable/disable the feature. They never wiped my windshield automatically. Mine is either disabled, not included or not working.
  4. Hello, I'm a fairly new driver and I just recently bought a Ford Fiesta mk6. Where I live we have a law where the headlights need to be always on. I've read the manual and apparently there is a way to use automatic headlights, however according to the manual they only turn on under low light conditions. I'm a bit forgetful and I tend to forget to turn on my headlights quite a bit during the day. Is there a way to set it up somehow so the lights will always be on when the engine is running without draining the battery? The only solution I can think of is a bit of a hacky way to trick the auto headlight feature by blocking the sensor, but I don't know where the sensors are located. In short; I want the headlights to turn on/off automatically when I start/stop the engine because I often forget to do it manually. Thanks, Pete