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  1. Slovenia but since it's such a small country, I usually check for things abroad as well. Shipping from UK is usually a bit expensive but it's worth checking in this case. Germany is a bit closer so I'll try there too. I checked online for any car scrap yards near by and I found a few but some of them are quite far. I bought a cheap 2€ universal gas cap yesterday on the way home so I have one now temporarily. Fiestas are quite common here yeah so I hope I'll find one from a scrap yard. I'll eventually get one for sure, I just gotta keep looking. The temporary one is doing it's job quite well. It fits in snug and I'm not smelling any gas vapor while I drive.
  2. Thanks! For some reason when I searched ebay, I couldn't find anything for Fiesta mk6 until I copied your search to "petrol cap" instead of "gas cap". Shipping costs more than the cap itself but so far this is the cheapest alternative to the 80€ from Ford. I'm going to keep looking around a bit more but I'll probably settle on this one if I can't find anything local.
  3. Fiesta 2006 Hatchback 1.4 petrol As per title. I lost my gas cap and I've been having a hard time finding a replacement. Parts stores don't have them, repair shops don't have any that fit apparently and Ford is quoting me a whopping 80€ for it. Is there a cheaper alternative? I really don't want to pay 80€ for a new one. All I keep thinking is how lucky the person that took mine is. Any suggestions? The only thing I've got left is to scour a few more junk yards or cave in and pay the Ford tax.
  4. I'm unable to verify if the problem was fixed since it only lasted for one day. The brakes were functioning normally before I even bleed the brakes. I just did it as a precaution. They continued to function normally after the bleeding and I haven't experienced any problems yet. I'll update if it happens again.
  5. The noise came from the back but the burning smell from the front if that makes sense. Today at the inspection, they just put the car on the lift and did a quick visual inspection. There was no disassembly.
  6. Mk6 Fiesta 1.4 petrol So I had an issue with my brakes the other day. Basically I was driving lets say around 30min when suddenly I heard a 2sec long whistling sound from the outside which I later found out were the brakes. After about another minute of driving, the brake pedal suddenly stopped functioning normally. It would try to "grab" at it's usual position but would then immediately release and the pedal would bottom out before the car started to brake. The whistling occurred 2 additional times while driving even if I wasn't braking and the pedal continued to bottom out until the end of the drive. I also noticed a strong burning smell when I returned home. I assume the brake didn't fully release when I depressed the pedal and was continuously making contact so it overheated hence the smell. The next day the brakes were functioning normally as if nothing had ever happened. Since the brakes didn't whistle while braking, I assumed the brake pads were fine and there's probably air in the fluid or the cylinder is going bad. Well I bleed out the fluid even though the brakes returned to it's normal function just to be safe and a friend who is a mechanic checked the brake pads & discs and said they were fine. Now just as a precaution, I took the car to a shop so they could lift it up and have it better inspected but then the guy at the shop said that everything needs to be changed. Brake pads, discs and even the handbrake. The car only has 90,000km on it. It's a 2006 model Fiesta with original parts. It was never driven aggressively. I'm a bit skeptical about what the guy at the shop told me. To change all the brake pads and discs plus the handbrake. It's not cheap. The car is also operating normally now. But what really struck me as strange was when I asked the guy "shouldn't the brake pads squeal when they go bad?" and he said that these particular (car) models don't have a warning in place for when the pads go out. Very very strange that the manufacturer wouldn't implement something so important so I'm very skeptical about what he suggested. Is it true that these pads don't have a warning when they go bad or am I being fooled?
  7. I think my socket is faulty and needs to be replaced. The fuse was blown so I swapped it and then when I tested the lighter, it popped and now it's dead again. Are the lighters universal across all cars or do I need to look for one specifically for my Fiesta? They're pretty cheap but I wanna be sure to buy the right one before I start taking the center console apart.
  8. Unfortunately the park lights do stay activated. If I open the drivers door, it'll even start beeping. I probably wont be modifying the car to have the lights turn on automatically at ignition. For now I just have a sticky note as a reminder. It's a bit of an inconvenience.
  9. Says in the manual that to use the automatic headlights, I have to turn my headlights on/off within 2sec. I haven't tried it yet. My car has slightly different controls from the manual. No "AUTO" switch and no front fog lights among a couple of other missing features. I tried leaving the lights on and removing the key. The headlights turn off but the indicator stays on. My wife said that position lights stay on. I wasn't able to see them clearly during the day so I'll have to double-check tonight about the park lights. I have no idea how auto-wipers work either. The manual just says that when the feature is enabled, it will automatically wipe when it detects raindrops on the windshield. It doesn't explain how to enable/disable the feature. They never wiped my windshield automatically. Mine is either disabled, not included or not working.
  10. Hello, I'm a fairly new driver and I just recently bought a Ford Fiesta mk6. Where I live we have a law where the headlights need to be always on. I've read the manual and apparently there is a way to use automatic headlights, however according to the manual they only turn on under low light conditions. I'm a bit forgetful and I tend to forget to turn on my headlights quite a bit during the day. Is there a way to set it up somehow so the lights will always be on when the engine is running without draining the battery? The only solution I can think of is a bit of a hacky way to trick the auto headlight feature by blocking the sensor, but I don't know where the sensors are located. In short; I want the headlights to turn on/off automatically when I start/stop the engine because I often forget to do it manually. Thanks, Pete
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