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  1. Hello Everyone, Just joined the club, very happy to be here. The car in consideration is my '12 Ford Mondeo Titanium 1.6 TDCi (all stock, engine & electrical wise) which I have owned for just over 2yrs and it just clocked 106K miles. The 1st Issue: After a month of owning the vehicle I noticed when stationery if I turn the steering wheel in any direction then the headlights dim slightly but its noticable; also if I keep the blowers of full blast then they aswell tend to dim, everthing tends to remain/act normal if I stop turning the steering wheel. During all of this the media player the I took the car to the Ford service centre and they say everthing is fine (i.e. the alternator charging, the battery health) and didn't have a solution to the fault. The 2nd Issue: Even after a long journey, the start-stop on my car just does not work; It did work once on its own but it was in a single drive. I know it works because recently when the media-unit buttons on the steering wheel stopped working and i got it replaced. The workshop had to disconnect the battery and hence that might have resulted the car's electronics to reset; luckily the start-stop function worked for 1-2 days and then everything was back to usual (the start-stop function stopped working). Not sure if these isues are interlinked or not but I can change the battery even though the Ford Service centre confirmed it was fine hoping that it solves the issue. But can you suggest if can I install a battery with some extra oomph so that it doesn't lack power if I upgrade over to Xenon headlight (from the Titanium X model) in the future (which i am hoping to do soon 😁). What Battery and specs would it be? Thank you for any suggestions and solutions. Jrom.