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  1. I will stick with what the car door well sticker says for 195/45R 16 1.6 Diesel.
  2. Just spoke with Kwik Fit and they say always go with the info on the sticker on the car door-well. It says 33 so that must be right? I am still unsure so I will check the manual also.
  3. I know it could be dangerous with the wrong tyre pressures in your car buyt I am getting conflicting reports. My question was inputted to National Tyres and Kwik Fits website where you enter your reg number. It came back as 32 front and 26 rear for a ford fiesta zetec diesel 1.6 - 195/45R 16. I spoke to Ford and they said 32 front 34 rear. On the passenger door well it say 33 for carrying 2 passengers. So I have put 33 in all round is this safe and why do websites dish out wrong/dangerous information?