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  1. **BEWARE OF REMAPS ON THESES CARS** I have a 2015 140 black edition and now on my second gearbox rebuild in less than 25k miles. These rebuilds were all post installing a bluefin map. I have now removed the map and covered 2000 miles and it has been ok. The IB5 boxes are not strong enough to be further tweaked beyond 140bhp. I have had 3 different maps (provided by Superchips) installed on the car but they all still killed my transmission. I am 45 years old and do not miss use the car or transmission but wanted a little extra power in second. Puma speed sell the IB6 transmission conversion as they believe the IB5 boxes are not able to handle the additional torque produced by remaps. The last rebuild was outside of warranty and I had to cover 25% of the repair £1300 repair bill. Thought I would share this with you before you take the plunge and buy a remap that takes the car beyond the standard 140bhp.