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  1. My mk6 had this issue, not to the extent of not locking butt the light stayed on so I changed the whole locking system in the door, hope this helps
  2. Hi, I have a 1600 diesel, could be the turbo, overfueling or injector going, does it do short journeys as it could be blocked up and need a boot down the motorway, hope this helps
  3. Thanks everyone, been in touch with the manager at halfords and they will give me the 15% back and their excuse was she was new but she should have asked someone how to do it, thanks again Liam
  4. Hi all, I have a ford owners club halfords discount card and today when I went to use it the lady behind the till told me I need an app to use it, if I cannot use it their is no point having premium membership, thanks in advance liam
  5. Hi all thanks for all you help managed to get them on front went on fine but the back I made some brackets from scratch and they seem fine, thanks again Liam
  6. Hi. I would say check all earth connections are tight, if that doesn't work thhe it's a fault in the wiring somewhere, hope this helps
  7. Hi all, this is what mine looks like bit different to the focus as screw layout is different might still work but open for suggestions, can I move screws already their?
  8. Thanks for the help I'll take another look today
  9. Hi all, I brought these Mudflaps link below for my mk6 fiesta but the body work is to thin on the rear does anyone know where I could get some brackets or something to get them on the car, thanks in advance liam
  10. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has had a problem with the passager door making a horrible sound like something is slipping in the passager door when the van gets unlocked, does it need a new locking system? Thanks for your help in advance
  11. Hello, I had this problem with my mk6 but the driver door had to change the whole locking unit as mine was saying it was open when it was closed, hope this helps
  12. Hi, I've only got one key for my mk6 and it's a remote on got a quote for a second remote one of just over £100 from my local Ford dealer and they would need the car for a day, hope this helps the prices should be around the same