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  1. Hi Peter, Thank you for pointing me in the right direction as I have not owned a diesel car before and it is taking time for me to understand the way they work unlike my old ford sierra 1.8 lx petrol with no computers and room to work on and the last one made in Germany with out a cat , I have had it for 24 years but alas it has now been outside for 2 years. I will report back on my progress with the focus, one thing watt is a acceptable run off in ml and over watt time i.e 3 minutes 5 minutes Best Regards Colin.
  2. Hi all most interesting topic I to have a 2003 ford focus and the car started first time every time until I had the mot and the mot tester asked me have I had the cam belt done as the new diesel mot test are hot on omissions now and they have to rev and push the engine and I have had it done a year a go' so passed mot but not long after car did not start first time and then the week we had the snow it did not start so called AA and they sprayed easy start and it stared first time, the AA patrol Sade it was the glow plugs so changed them and sill the same will start with easy start' someone suggested change fuel filter but still the same' so thought must be air the system so hand pumped from output on fuel filter and then undone injector feed 1&2 had fuel and then 3&4 had fuel but still will not start even with easy start so called the AA and the codes are Patrol found the following fault code/s:System : Engine control 2 - 38X / EEC5-EDC Common RailP2263 - Boost pressure control. Error Message : Malfunction.P2291 - Rail pressure. Error Message : Pressure too low. the AA man says I must purge the fuel system and it can take a hour or so. this is my first time I have had a diesel car so it all new to me any ideas greatly appreciated. Best Regards Colin.