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  1. St intercooler(ic to throttle body) pipe doesn’t fit on a diesel mate?
  2. Does anyone know which st and rs intercooler and cold air inlet pipes are interchangeable with that on other models and which of those are? Or is it just a matter of getting them and trying them? Thanks
  3. Update; have Just done a maf delete running much better but have ecu light and cog warning light. Going to upgrade to ngk glowplugs as that’s what odb2 says is the fault.
  4. Thanks again tom but here in lyes my problem mate I’ve got to this stage and what next? I’m aware that the engine isn’t considered the greatest by most uk mechanics and customers but ain’t that often a British outlook. It’s a good engine and I’d like to push it to see what it can do and don’t mind changing the injector seals or the oil and putting a thermal wrap on the turbo oil feed etc..to eradicate the ‘common faults’ but I’d still like to know the capability of the engine. The Russians and Europeans I have spoke to rate it higher than the previous and later ford versions of the engine
  5. Thanks. It’s already stage 1 pretty much(egr/dp*/and ca*/snorkel all deleted and remapped) mate just need back box deleting really. It’s had new injectors but I’m going to put the 115 ones in it now. New clutch too I reckon and a stage 2 remap, id like to take it to stage 3 but the injectors are bmw I believe and there’s not a whole lot of documentation on what’s required it seems. I don’t even know if it’s really possible?
  6. Hi and Thanks. Would you be able to give me any information on where I may be able to get one or anyone who makes them hybrid? Tia again
  7. Hi I was just wondering if anyone has a comprehensive list of all the turbo’s that can be used with the 1.6 duratorq hhda’ code engine 2005-2010. I’m aware of the basic 90 bhp one and the 115 bhp variable vein(from a Peugeot hdi engine too?) what I wondered was does anyone have the Garret numbers for which others I can use? I know turbos can be modified to use on this engine. could you use the 1.8’s turbo for example? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi, I’m a owner of a focus 1.6 tdci purgeot hdi engine and I don’t hate it funnily haha. I have been a shadow on this forum for several years. I finally decided that I should join. Here’s some pictures of my tdci it’s only just started upgrading it’s got a new engine from a back end right off, a remap, decatdpf cough, new injectors, hid/led dlr lights, snorkel delete, egr delete, 18” dished rims, modified mark 2.5/3 front end and a few other things I can’t think of. Thanks for having me and I hope I can be of use being here too. refards , Apoc