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  1. Thank you all for your tips and advice. I think i'll take a chance on a regas and ask my garage if they can also vacuum test the system. Interesting that another member posted a similar topic the day after me.
  2. I'm hoping someone on here has an idea of what's wrong with my air-conditioning before I look at taking it to a garage and paying a fortune. My wife mentioned yesterday that the air-con doesn't seem to be working properly. I took the car out and noticed that only the passenger side gets ice-cold, whilst the drivers side only blows warm air. I checked all of the different vent settings and the left-side is definitely colder. The only time the drivers side gets colder is if I shut the left-side vents but it's still not what you'd call cold. I also noticed that the right hand side is making a strange noise - imagine trying to spray the last of your deodrant out of an aerosol can - that's my best explanation. Goes on for a few seconds after the fan is turned off. When I put warm air on, there doesn't seem to be any difference between left and right. Any ideas? I'm pretty sure it's not a gas issue and the compressor clicks in absolutely fine so i'm lost. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I appreciate your response RAIDER32 but the tires are brand new and wouldn't cause vibrations at idle. Ive had them balanced twice, swapped front to back etc so can only be an engine mount and/or gearbox mount. Wondered if there was one that was more prone to failure than another. Will get the car fully checked over with tracking as well when it's in for it's next service.
  4. Sorry to bump this topic... This vibration issue has got slightly worse, to the point now where I can feel vibrations through the steering wheel now at idle and this gets slightly worse when the AC is switched on for example. I have read other threads which say the engine and gearbox mounts on the MK3's are poor quality but are the symptoms I'm describing consistent with that in your opinion? I haven't had the time or funds yet to take to a garage to investigate. I was hoping to narrow my options down before I did so. Any help, opinions or advice greatly appreciated. Thanks Ronnie
  5. When I first got my Focus 182 which has 54k miles, I noticed it had a vibration at motorway speeds. I had all 4 wheels balanced which improved things but didn’t cure the problem 100%. Then after flooring the car a few weeks back in 1st, 2nd & 3rd gear I’ve noticed other vibrations which I can feel through the steering wheel & accelerator pedal but not all the time and at different speeds.The inconsistency is really bugging me. My last car (Clio 197) had a similar issue which turned out to be worn engine mounts. Is this a common issue with the Focus or any other ideas? cheers Ronnie
  6. I just went ahead and fitted a new part yesterday, would rather have the certainty of knowing it's sorted. New part ends in G instead of F. Not sure what the difference is, assume it will be ok! Thank you again for all of your help & advice, really appreciated.
  7. Ok you are both legends. Thank you so much. The plug was indeed hanging down, I honestly thought it belonged there. one last favour, can you confirm from the pictures below if this is broken and missing a cover? Looks like a tab is missing too?
  8. Thanks for your reply. I'm baffled as I thought the plug circled looked like it was where it’s supposed to be when I checked earlier tonight. There is something about my latch that looks different to Wes’. If you think it belongs in that keyhole shape on the latch I will certainly give that a go. Cheers for the advice, much appreciated. Will update the thread!
  9. Lol fair point and thank you. these are the pics I’ve just taken. Wasnt sure if that plug relates to the bonnet or not. The latch certainly looks different, nothing is broken, looks factory to me with the imprinted ford logo.
  10. Thank you again for your help. It will probably be the weekend before I get a chance to look in daylight again. if there is no sign of a wire anywhere though, then I assume this is going to be something expensive and complex??
  11. Thank you for posting that. I’ve had another look today. This is what I’ve found. Does it look right to you?
  12. Thank you for posting that. I’ll have another look tomorrow and post a photo but pretty sure I couldn’t see any wires loose or indeed anywhere for a sensor so perhaps a random latch has been used.
  13. Hi All, First post and quick intro. My name is Ronnie and I live in Kent. I’ve recently purchased a 2012 Focus Zetec S 182. Very impressed overall with the car other than the alarm which decides to go off randomly. I have researched this and have concluded that it’s the bonnet switch/sensor that is at fault. I’ve had the “bonnet open” warning light on once. I’d found a picture of the part showing where the switch is... my bonnet latch looks nothing like it and I cannot see anywhere for wires or a switch to be located. Any help or guidance much appreciated. It’s silly little things like that that will make me want to shift the car on. cheers Ronnie